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working on our booty...i mean fitness.

wake up wake up wake up it's the first of the month! ha ha remember that song! happy february!
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i don't know about you but i work out better when i wear cute stuff. haha. it's true. i just found out about aviator nation and i am wanting all of it! the bright colors, the soft cotton, the retro feel. this is my kind of  brand. paige mycoskie, a texas girl helped make this brand happen. to find out more about aviator nation click here.
today jacob and i are gonna start running together. i am better now and im excited to get my cardio on!
ive been doing mari method all last week bc i could do it in my room, now its time to add some running in, along with boot camp and mari method.
music is a major part of my work out. 
what about you?
what do you wear while working out?
do you have a goal?
jacob wants to go to cali in march so i wanna be able to run around in my bikini 
it really helps to have a goal!

working on my fitness.

remember jump rope for heart in elelmentary? i do. it was my favorite!
i need to do this more!
and i need to drink more water. im bad.


This is how i got my fitness on last week.
-bootcamp 3 times (i got the flu so i missed 2)
-yo metrics 2 times
-ran/jog/walked at the park with kelly 4 miles.
-danced around my room.

I was sick and I am still trying to get over this. its horrible!
It's time to turn it up a notch and really get my butt in shape!
I just took my measurements again this morning for this post and for the mari hearts you contest!
weight today: 126.8 i don't go by this but i decided to weigh myself just to prove that numbers are dumb.
My lil sister amy weighs more than me but she has a perfect, slender, and solid athletic frame.

today i missed bootcamp bc im still sick but i can do some yo metrics from home. and i will eat healthy today. jacob always makes me breakfast and coffee. good man.

he's gonna do the contest with me.

for breakfast i had.
3 eggs
1 peice of toast. (planning on cutting this out soon)
i cup of coffee.

(not my favorite part)

right calf (fullest part)- 12 and 3/4
left calf (fullest part)- a tad smaller.
above right knee- 14 and 1/2
above left knee- same
right thigh (fullest part)- 23
left thigh (fullest part)-23
across lower butt (fullest part)- 39
2″ below belly button- 33 and 1/2
across belly button- 31
2″ above belly button-29 and 1/2
across chest directly under armpits- 36
right bicep- 10 and 3/4
left bicep- 10 and 1/2

can i please get a body like that?

wearing neon makes working out more fun!
i put these neon laces on bc the shoes were missing something.

Q. what do you wear when you work out?
Q. whats on your workout mix?
White stripes
Yeah yeah yeahs
The ting tings
shiny toy guns
snoop dog
I would love for yall to tell me what you are doing to keep fit.
whats your favorite excercise/ activity?