13 April 2014












Hey guys! I just downloaded the blogger app to my phone. I'm here in Costa Rica on a surf adventure with my buddy Joe. We are taking tons of photos and videos so that we can put together a few special posts when we return. We have been here 5 days so far and I'm nowhere close to wanting to return. Hope you enjoy these shots. They are to encourage you to go on your own adventure, whatever that may be! 
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Is there anything specific you want to see more of on this trip? 

Happy Sunday everybody! 

12 April 2014






Top thrifted // Jeans // Boots // Necklace 1 // Necklace 2 // Necklace 3 // Bracelets // Sweater thrifted

Adios sweaters and layers. It's time to melt in Houston, Texas.

11 April 2014

THE PACKING LIST /// 5 Day Carry-on


I recently posted a photo of myself  (on Instagram)  with my luggage standing outside IAH airport and I received a lot of packing questions/comments. It seems there's a lot of us out there that are challenged when it comes to packing light. It's the same tango every trip.  I've come to the conclusion that I will always feel that I never pack right. I will always get to my destination, open my bag and think I've packed too much/too little.

This last trip I took to Nashville was a 5-6 day stay and I felt that it was the closest I've come to successful packing, so with all those questions/comments in mind, I wanted to share my winning combination with you. Two bags. One duffle and one backpack.

IN MY DUFFLE (some of these items are what I wore to the airport)
Undies + Bras // 1 sports bra, 1 nude (for white), 1 cage back (for shirts the bra is exposed), 2 pairs of socks, swimsuit
Workout Gear // 2 pairs of stretchy pants + 1 pair of tennis shoes
Pants // 1 classic (waxed denim skinnies. Double as dress pants), 1 bold/trendy (high waisted floral skinnies), 1 short (short overalls)
Tops // 2 Tees (black/white), 1 graphic tee, 1 demin, 2 blouses, 2 sleep/workout shirts
Jackets // 1 Denim, 1 Knit, 1 Hoodie (for around the house or layer under denim for extra warmth)
Something dressy // 1 dress or nice romper
Toiletry + Make-up Bag // I usually stick to the basics here so I can combine everything in one bag.
Shoes // Tennis, Black shoe, Brown shoe. I love boots, so I packed my Talons (double as my dressy shoe/boot) and South Highlands.
Dryer Sheet // I keep one in the duffle so my clothes don't start smelling stale.
I like to roll my outfits together. I have a lot of items to mix and match once I get rolling, but for starters I usually like to have three set things I know I want to wear together and rolled up separate for an quick grab. Also, if I'm unsure about laundry options, I'll take a pillowcase or plastic grocery bag to keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean clothes. The dryer sheet comes into play once again.

Cheap Sunnies // I've lost too many favorites
Camera // I took my film camera because it's small and it would force me to print the photos from my trip.
Reading material + Journal
Fanny pack (used as purse while traveling. With a camera, I like my hands free and no purse to lose)
Toothbrush + chapstick
I usually like to leave room in my backpack in case I end up buying something while traveling. 

Tee Shirt // Black acid washed short sleeved tee
Hat + Sunnies + Accessories // Flip your hat upside down when going through security and put all your Accessories and phone in it.
Denim Jacket // Most versatile
Black waxed denim skinnies // Perfect incase I spill something on the plane
Zip up high tops  // I wore these shoes because they are light, comfortable and have a zipper which is perfect for getting through security quickly... and they look rad :)

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any trips + tricks when it comes to packing light.

09 April 2014



My best friend Joe and I are headed to Costa Rica this morning. Jacob and I never heard the alarm so we are in a panic state. Thank god for Joes call to say he was outside my door. We will be documenting our trip along the way so keep checking back on the blog or if you have instagram follow us @Buenobrandi // @Gr8itsjonate

 If you have any recs for us for the town of Nosara please share.