08 October 2015

THE HAIRY 411 ///




Day job /// Hair Stylist at Do or Dye Tx

Favorite thing about my Job /// Every day is completely different from the last and I get to hear so many different stories from so many different people.

Least favorite thing about my job /// 1. When clients are late.  2. I can't wear my nice clothes because I ruin them EVERYTIME.

Hair product I'm obsessed with /// Living Proof Dry Shampoo

One hair tool I cannot live without /// My curl stick.

What is in my hair /// Living proof Restore Shampoo and Condtioner, restore instant repair, full root lifting spray, restore instant protection.... and then dry shampoo on dirty hair. Everything is Living Proof. We just started carrying it at our salon so I am trying it all out. I also love the Flex hair spray.

Products I mostly use on clients /// UN. TANGLEDStyle Extender, Anti Gravity, 5 in 1 styling treatment, Flex Hairspray.

Where I find  Hair-spiration /// People watching everywhere I go, Children's naturally sun kissed hair, Surfers, Pinterest, my co-workers...

Who I look up to in the Hair Biz /// Charlie Price and his out of the box traveling career, he's super inspiring and such a good dude. IG @hairbycharlie

Hair that I covet ///  This

Hair Advice /// Your hair is your best accessory and you wear it everyday, it is a part of you.... so don't be cheap about it. You deserve better than that. Invest in the proper hair products to keep it healthy and achieve the look you want.

Advice to other stylists /// Listen to your clients and ask them questions about what they want, sometimes they don't know how to explain. Also DON'T TELL YOUR CLIENTS ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS / DRAMA, it freaks them out, they leave feeling heavy and they won't come back. This is the clients time to vent or relax. I know this because they are probably my new client and they tell me all about it.

How to find a stylist best for you /// Look around, if you see someones hair you like and desire something similar ask them who their stylist is. Look on instagram, a lot of stylists post their work.

Something I need to work on /// Responding to emails, texts, and voicemails. I get so overwhelmed and by the end of the day I forget or it's too late to respond. So if you have tried getting in with me and I haven't responded I am so sorry. Pre booking has been amazing.

Would you like to see more posts like this with other stylists or other careers in general?

05 October 2015

HIS & HER STYLE /// Billy Reid





























On Jacob ///
/// On Brandi
Boots (Similar)

During our stay in Seattle, Jacob and I wanted to spend as much time as possible appreciating the weather and scenery, but we were unprepared for the cooler temps. We wanted to find the perfect outerwear to compliment our wedding attire but also something that we could wear everyday; the answer was Billy Reid, it always is. When I saw The Cypress Cape in the window my heart skipped a beat. I had to have it. All the different outfit arrangements flashed before my eyes.  I stepped inside, ordered  a glass of Bulleit bourbon on the rocks (oh yeah, they serve whiskey, no big deal), and shopped. I fell in love with The Cypress Cape and it was the perfect combo with the Mona Dress, and Jacob with the Finn Bomber so naturally they had to be ours. They were sold out of my cape size so they called around until they found it (I love that they do this). I wore it around the house and cuddled in it while I watched The Walking Dead. You would too.

My excitement over this cape really got me thinking and I decided that I should always be excited about what I wear. Jacob has always been good about this; he has always put a lot of effort in when getting ready. He's always groomed, smells amazing, and well dressed. Even his grungy stage was thought out. It just makes me feel good. So that said, packing for this trip we were really excited to pack only items we loved.

If you live in Houston you should stop by Billy Reid for the whole experience. Yeah, it might be easier to shop online but you don't get the same effect. Trust me on this. After a long day or week it's nice to be greeted by your friends , have a drink, and try on clothes that make you feel like a million bucks.

02 October 2015

ACE HOTEL /// Seattle

Untitled Untitled

When we travel we have a bad habit of waiting last minute to book Hotels, cars, or make reservations. We couldn't decide between Airbnb or a hotel, finally the week of flying out we looked at Ace Hotel and there was no availability. Jacob gave them a call just to double check and thankfully one deluxe room had opened up. Hallelujah! It was a big surprise to find out that this was our cheapest option in hotels. Crazy huh?

I loved the decor throughout and I loved the all over vibe. Jacob asked the guy at the front desk where we could go for a drink that was a little pretentious but more so laid back, he laughed and said he knew just the place. That hidden gem was in an Alley way called Bathtub Gin & Co. It was perfect for what we were in the mood for. So big props for great customer service, I always love a good recommendation, especially when it's walking distance from where we are staying.

You know how most Hotels have complimentary breakfast? Ace Hotel did too but it was actually yummy. They had Waffles, Toast, Peanut Butter, Syrup, Yogurt (Non Fat, and Flavored), Granola, and Stumptown Coffee.

If your staying in Seattle and you like more of an original place with history and character I totally recommend Ace Hotel.

Walking distance from ///
The Space Needle
Pike Market Place
Bathtub Gin & Co.
Seattle Water Front

Recommendations from our friends of things to see and places to go ///
Portage Bay Cafe and Catering
Capitol Hill
Odd Fellows for lunch or dinner
Bastille (French place)
Kings Hardware (bar)
Stumptown Coffee
Besalu for pastries
Golden Gardens
Sunset Hill
London Plane
Elm Coffee Roasters
Pioneer Square
Saint Edward National Park
Snoqualmie Falls