At the beginning of March our Church, The Bridge Montrose, talked about Fasting, Praying and the Heart behind it. I instantly thought about what I would give up, But, soon after that thought I realized I needed to pray and ask God what he wanted me to give up. What was it that was distracting me from my Quiet time everyday, what was keeping me from growing a deeper relationship with God, my friends, my co-workers, and my family? 

Social Media kept popping up as I prayed, I already felt convicted about it in the past. Instagram specifically. Not that Instagram or social media is a bad thing, it's just that I was spending way too much time managing 4 accounts and in a very bad habit of scrolling through if my phone was near. First thing in the morning I would grab my phone and go to Instagram as I would start to wake up for the day. On the way to the gym I was on it while Jacob drove. I would take my phone with me to the bathroom. Waiting in line anywhere was another opportunity to look on Instagram. In between clients I was looking at Instagram. Hanging out with friends everyone checks a few times and stories (records and posts on IG) the fun. Traffic time another chance to look. Days off how many times did I look on Instagram? I was addicted. I could go on and on. I made excuses like "I'm working" when Jacob felt like second place to my phone. I thought fasting from social media would be hard and that our business would suffer if I wasn't posting. I even talked to a friend about it and he laughed and told me that is such a lie. He told me God is in control and that I needed to trust God. 

Reading and studying more about fasting I got stuck on 21 days. Our church was fasting and praying on Tuesdays in March...but for some reason I thought it was suppose to be 21 days. 

Heart Behind Fasting /// Jesus himself fasted as a means of connecting deeper with God

Focused, undistracted time in prayer

Dependency on God- He will supply all our needs, and at our core, all we really need is him. Our deepest need is for God, not for food or the praise of others. We are hungry for a connection with God. 

Removing the World to focus on God and allow him to reveal the state of my heart, sin, idols.

NOT an outward act of righteousness for the praise of men.


SERMON (also available on podcast) /// Louie Giglio: The Pinata and the Iceberg

SCRIPTURE /// Matthew 6:16-18, Matthew 6:1, Joel 2:12-13, Deuteronomy 8:3, Luke 4:1-13, Matthew 6:31-33

So I did it. I deleted Instagram from my phone. This is what happened ///

I would wake up in the morning and have quiet time (read the bible and do a devotion) I would play with my Dogs and talk with Jacob. He didn't wake up with me on the phone.

On the way to the gym we would talk about our to do lists and crack up together which is one of my favorite parts of our day now. 

At work in between clients I was sensitive and more aware of my surroundings. I helped where I saw needed and talked more with my co- workers.

In traffic I would listen to Podcasts or talk to God.

I let go of control over our Salon Instagram @Doordyetx and trusted My Asst. Danielle and our receptionist Nakita. And they are doing an amazing Job! 

I reached out to friends more, spent quality time with people, I waited in line and talked to strangers, and I felt peace.

I am excited to meet up with friends for bible study instead of thinking I am too drained and busy. 

My 21 days was up last Wednesday but I still am cautious because I don't want to go back to bad habits. I don't want to silence my thoughts with distractions. I don't want to lose my creativity because I see the same thing over and over Instagram. I've enjoyed starting my day with God and talking to him throughout the day. I like that I feel like I have way more time to be productive and pray for friends that pop up in my head. This fast has allowed me to deepen important relationships, and work on things in areas that I have struggled with. Most importantly I am learning to Trust in the Lord with everything. 

So will I get back on Instagram? Yes. Do I think that it is bad? No. Everything in Moderation.









Creating a work uniform ( Do or Dye Tx)  for myself has been HUGE for me. Not only does it save me so much time getting ready, it also saves my wardrobe from getting destroyed by color and bleach.... and also from tiny hairs that never come out of fabric. Dude don't get me started with the tiny hairs in the bra poking your boobs FOREVER. It sucks MAJOR but it's just part of the job. Yes, I do have an apron but sometimes I get crazy with my creativity and bleach,color, and hair can fly! I like to stick with Black, White, Grey, and Denim because it's classic and never goes out of style.  When it comes to shoes and accessories anything goes!!!! But shoes must be comfortable since I stand all day. In our industry it is so important. I will continue to add to this list so if you need some inspo just scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog and view my WISHLIST



Remember THIS POST from 2017 when I announced that I hired someone to do all my booking? Since then, I’m happy to report that my quality of life has dramatically improved! Hopefully, this new system has made things easier for my clients as well. In the spirit of ‘New Year, New Me’ and improving upon things, I’ve created this post in order to make the booking process even easier for everyone, and to ensure a more efficient way of getting your appointments scheduled.


This info applies to ALL clients, old and new!

When emailing bookbrandi@doordyetx.com //

(Step 1) Introduce yourself!

Hi my name is __________. I am an existing client.

Hi my name is __________. I am a new client referred by __________.

(Step 2) What service(s) are you booking? Be specific!

In case you aren’t aware, when you email bookbrandi@doordyetx.com you are not emailing me (Brandi) directly. These emails get sent to my booker, Rannie. She probably doesn’t know you, and she more than likely has no idea what type of service you book. So when your email consists of “Hey boo! Need to refresh my color! Let me know when I can come in!” she already has too many questions for you (and for me), which delays in you getting a timely response.

(Step 3) When would you like to make your appointment for? Give options!

It seems pretty obvious, but first, look at my hours of availability. If you work during the week, and can’t make it to the salon until 5:00pm, you will likely be looking for a Saturday appointment. It is important to mention that in your initial email. Including YOUR availability is extremely helpful in cutting down the back and forth that happens during the scheduling process. If there is a specific date you are hoping to book, offer a backup day or time that could work for you as well, that way Rannie can get back to you with any and all options.

(Step 4) Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

All new clients are required to send photos of their current hair in natural lighting, as well as goal photos of what they are looking to achieve.


(Step 5) Anything else I should know about your hair?

Please mention anything I may need to know about your hair in regards to the amount of time that will need to be booked for you. Is your hair super long or super thick? Are you looking to make a huge change with your haircut (long to short)? Anything like that is important for us to know in order to book enough time for your service!

Example Email:

Hi, my name is Juniper Daily. I’m a current client. I need to make an appointment for a Partial Lived In Highlight and a haircut. It’s been about______long since I’ve gotten my color done, so I might need more than a partial? I work during the week, so I’m available on Saturdays, unless she has a lunch time appointment available on a Friday–I may be able to make that work. Let me know what she has open this month! Here is a current photo of my hair:



(Notice that the photos are taken in natural light. This is so important so we can really see what we are working with.)

Below is my goal photo. I realize this photo is probably a Full Lived In, but I can only afford a Partial Lived In and haircut at the moment.


Little insider info for you >>> These are both photos of both my hair. The first set was from March 2016 when I made a co-worker chop my hair very blunt with no layers. The Goal photo used for this post is me in November 2016. I had a total of 3 lived in highlight appointments between March and November to keep the integrity of my hair while I was growing it back out. I enjoyed each stage as I was in no rush to be blonder or brighter. 

I hope you find this post helpful and feel free to leave any feedback. I am working on more hair related posts for stylists and clients in 2018. If you have any requests please let me know. 

Instagram accounts to follow ///

@buenobrandi - My everyday life. Here you will see everything from my Plant babies, Interior decor, Travels, Outfits, Food, my Dog Harvey and Hair.

@doordyebrandi - Portfolio style of my clients hair and sometimes tutorials in Insta stories.

@doordyetx - Our Salon instagram with behind the scenes. 8 stylists, 2 assistants, Lash and Brow gal, Salon Coordinator, and receptionist.