The best part about a road trip is stopping whenever you want. Our number one rule is road trip with someone who is down for anything at anytime. Kelly and I have been on road trips since we were in elementary school, so we know each other's travel style more than anyone else. Another plus about traveling with each other is we are sisters, so our relationship can't be ruined. I know it sounds a little dramatic, but traveling (especially road trip style) really brings out peoples true colors and the outcome is not always ideal. You do not want to road trip with the wrong person. TRUST ME.  Anyway, here's my two cents on road tripping...

Have a conversation with the person you plan to road trip with. After deciding on a destination make sure you figure out what each person wants to see, do and figure out what your role is. Role is very important. What can you contribute? 

Who is the driver? Are you taking turns? Does the passenger get to sleep? If so how long? What does the passenger need to do? Kelly and I took turns driving. We had lots to catch up on so there was not a lot of sleeping going on. I don't think she trusts my driving ever since the iPad incident (she will probably share this story later) so she doesn't really sleep while i'm behind the wheel... and she doesn't like me to sleep when she's driving at night. The passenger should be in charge of GPS  and digging into the cooler to get snacks and drinks, unless I'm the passenger. JK JK JK! 

Know who plays the role of "DJ" and when - Kelly made us a playlist, but in West Texas internet isn't the best so 3 songs from her playlist worked while we were on the road. She will be posting that playlist soon... But when we road trip the driver picks the music or podcast. Here is the very short list of things we listened to while on the road. 

  • Fleetwood Mac - LISTEN TO THE WIND BLOW.....only half the songs on the CD played but we listened to this on repeat until I figured out I had a handful of songs on my phone.
  •  Sheryl Crow - Greatest Hits is my jam! 
  • Patsy Cline - We were going insane and Big Bend State Park Gift Shop had CDs!!! Praise The Lord! Fresh tunes to play on repeat.
  • MURDER - This is what I would shout when I was ready to listen to a podcast because most of the podcasts I listen to are about murder and let me tell you.... podcasts make time fly by especially on those long stretches...they also keep me awake when I'm the one driving. The series we were obsessed with on this trip was Someone Knows Something Season 2.

Have a Route or Plan - Don't worry, it can be loose! Kelly had mapped out our original route and shared that over at iheartbueno.com

Even if we have a route to follow we are both free to say STOP, get out, let's explore. And we did! This is the benefit of road tripping and not flying. Talking to locals, stopping at a random thrift/gift shops, buying over priced liquor because the next town is hours away, taking pics in desert scenes, laughing at random signs, discovering ghost towns, popping a squat (Kelly has many videos), acting a fool and running around bc sometimes you go cray cray from being in the car for so long. 

Use one card to pay for gas - one person should put gas on their card the entire trip then at the end divide straight down. Kelly and I didn't do that, not sure why so each time we were low we would take turns filling up. When taking long trips in an area you are not familiar with keep filling up when you get to half empty. You do not want to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere with no reception.

Bring a cooler of real snacks - I brought cooler full of topo chicos, oranges, rice cakes, marigold bars, and almond butter along with some other items just for the road. Kelly brought some yogurts, blackberries, raspberries, gummy bears and wine. Yes we also stopped at Buc-ee's to load up on more snacks. snacks on snacks on snacks. Snacks are priority for us. Bring Plenty of Water. Like Gallons. You never know if you get stranded how long it will take for someone to get to you. 

Have easy access to your travel bag- this is the bag you have in the front with you, your quick grab. You should have cash in your wallet for emergency situations, wipes, hand santizer, lotion, chapstick, rose water mist, dry shampoo, vitamin c packs , phone chargers, journal, pen, camera, neck pillow, sunnies, elastics, bobby pins, tampons, advil, claritin, rape whistles, knife, needle and thread so we can sew new patches on our jackets. These are just my necessities on the road, hope I didn't leave anything out. 

Know when to stop - If you are a girl I definitely recommend stopping at a hotel before it gets dark. You do not want to be alone on the road, especially in the middle of nowhere. What if you get a flat tire? Run out of gas? Get pulled over?  If you are camping make sure you are camping at a state park and near other families, set up before sundown. It sucks that just because we are women we have to be extra careful or even deal with this but SAFETY FIRST Y'ALL. There are creeps out there. 

Ok I think that is all you guys. I really hope this helps you get prepared for your next roadtrip. It sucks when you forget something but you'll get creative and figure it out. Do not forget to download your music, take a shower before you leave and get a good nights sleep before you take off. Be sure to follow along on IG @buenobrandi @iheartbueno to get updates for future posts and follow our next trip! 








Ok guys, I'm back from Italy so I can finally blog our sister sister roadtrip to West Texas.... hashtag Buenos Journey West. Kelly has already blogged about how our trip came about and our ORIGINAL ROUTE and how that was all thrown out the window because of 5 grossies which Kelly titled THE BALMORHEA BOZOS,  so if you haven't read those yet then head over to IHEARTBUENO.COM

I'm assuming you read the previous posts that I highlighted and linked over. This is how we ended up in a place we love and knew we would be safe. I mean guys... we were really scared and super pissed at those creeps. Driving to El Cosmico was the only logical decision. Yes I instagram storied the whole thing incase we were kidnapped or killed but the internet in West Texas is just non existent in most places and a lot of the videos vanished. Anyway, we arrived at El Cosmico that Sunday night which was day 1 of our trip. We were still in our nasty camping disguise with rape whistles around our neck. Kelly looked at me and said maybe we looked too campy for El Cosmico (we had a good laugh about our appearance). I looked down and did not care, We were safe. We made it. We would be warm for the night because we opted for a Safari Tent instead of pitching our tent for the second time in one night.

Our stay at El Cosmico
Night 1 /// Finally had that glass of wine we had wanted during sunset at the previous camp. Our dinner was chips and salsa and we were completely satisfied. I passed out shortly after getting into bed because I was worn out and the bed was heated. It's the small things! Kelly took advantage of the the electricity, working on her sketches for some Festival and I passed the heck out. ZZzzzZZZzzz.

Day 1 - Night 2/// Had delicious coffee by the fire in the lobby of El Cosmico, talked with my friend Hannah who works there and got some hiking recommendations. Walked around town, took photos, worked on designs, ate salad in a bag, jogged, took a hot outdoor shower... accidentally flashed some peeps, set up the two man tent, met up with Colt and Logan (Cobra Rock)  and their friends for happy hour at Saint George. BEST SPICY MARG! The night ended with a concert at El Cosmico and Kelly and I passing out in her two person tent.

Day 2  /// Woke up before Kelly... what's new? Headed over to lobby for coffee, fire, and wifi. Kelly strolled in not long after - I had to crawl over her to get out of the tent and she couldn't go back to bed. We were headed to our next destination that day so we started to get ready and pack up when Kelly decided coffee was a bad idea. Little missy was so dehydrated (desert + a little too much celebrating the night before) I heard her puking while I was brushing my teeth at the outdoor bathroom. It was glorious. Do not feel bad for her because I took a photo of this moment... she took plenty of inappropriate photos and videos of me the whole week. I'm sure you saw if you were following our IG stories. Anyway, before we left El Cosmico, we bought a few patches and topo chicos for the road. Oh, and before we left Marfa we made sure to have breakfast at Marfa Burrito! So worth it! They are HUGE! We ate half at the restaurant and saved the other half so we could eat it for breakfast the next morning before our big hike. 

Below are some previous posts on Marfa, every trip is completely different so if you are planning a Marfa Trip these posts could help you plan the perfect Marfa experience! Enjoy! Happy Monday!

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FIX YO MOP /// Camp Hair


Kelly and I camped all over West Texas last week and we wanted to share our journey with you. If you follow us on Instagram you probably have already seen some of the places we hit up. If not you can start now @buenobrandi @iheartbueno #buenosjourneywest

We've had a lot of requests for specific posts so we will do our best to answer all your West Texas questions. 

I wanted to start our series of posts with Camp Hair and give you the facts /// Kelly and I only washed our hair once the whole 8 days we were gone. How you ask? Braids. Kelly would braid our hair when we hiked so that it would stay out of our face and so we could stay cool. When your hair is down or in a top knot you tend to run your hands through it and keep putting it up over and over again which causes your hair to be more greasy. Oil on your hands, oil to your hair. We did the triple braid on Kelly after we washed our hair for a couple different reasons. While your hair is drying it doesn't frizz and when you decide to take it out you will have a pretty wave without having to use a hot tool. Two, hair is once again out of your face and you don't have to mess with it for as long as you decide to wear it. Three.. you look super stylish so you can go from camping/hiking to catching happy hour at the closest town, which in our case was Starlight in Terlingua (get the spicy margs). Kelly kept these braids in at least 3 days. They survived hiking, sleeping, happy hour, swimming the Rio Grande, hiking some more and, a long ass road trip home.

Tips /// always pack a brush, detangler, bobby pins, clear elastics, bandanas, hats, dry shampoo, travel size shampoo and conditioner. 

Also this hair is not just for camping, this would be a perfect style for everyday....especially from gym to work to happy hour. 

If you have any requests for posts or questions please leave a comment :) Happy Friday!