Headed to Mexico this week and when I’m in the sun all I want is loose comfortable clothes that I can just throw on over my swimmy. And You know what? I’d wear these outfits in my everyday life as well.



I know, it’s Hot. It is Summer. I have lived in Houston majority of my life so I should be used to it. I start sweating as soon as I open the door to go outside. But you know what? I live here, I choose to live here so I try not to complain about it. I workout in a warehouse with no AC so once you step outside it feels significantly cooler. So there is that. I try and run only in the mornings or evenings but sometimes I do it in the middle of the day just so i’m not a hostage to the indoors. But what I have learned is that the more we say “It’s Hot” over and over again when sweat is dripping down our bodies is that it just makes us hotter and focus on it more. So what is the point. Just stating the obvious.

You may be wondering why if it is so hot do I see people in sweatshirts or denim jackets? The answer is, in Houston we all blast the AC to make it as cold as possible in doors. Our homes and work places are freezing so we need those layers.

If your AC ever goes out in Houston just go to the Movies, Library, Bookstore, or Grocery Store. They are usually FREEZING.

Anyway the point of this whole blog post is to share my running errands outfit for Houston.

It all starts with These On The Fly Wide Leg Pants. They are made with Travel Woven fabric. They are wrinkle free, quick drying, and machine washable. Oh and did I mention they are drawstring? The perfect travel pant as well. When I am wearing them I don’t get hot, nothing sticks or bunches, and I don’t have to readjust at all. It feels like a no pants party. They also come in regular, cropped, and tapered. So, now I just need them in all the colors.

I paired it with This Cut Off Cropped Tank Topwhich I have in two other colors. I wear it to the gym and I wear it when I’m out and about. I love a classic white ribbed tank.

Most days I am probably wearing sandals like these Teva Flatforms. I have 3 pairs of Tevas right now, but will be adding more to my wardrobe. You see, in Houston we can get away with wearing these in the salon because Houston fashion is different than other places. We can get away with casual looks because we are all trying to survive.

Let us not forget about these Round Sunnies. They are my current fav. This is my second pair because I lost the first. It’s what we Lisenbe’s do. Lose Sunnies. Sometimes 3 pair at a time. True story. I did however change the lens color so that I didn’t feel too guilty about buying another pair. But I love these. The shape. The size. The color. The price. I have a hard time finding sunnies that look good or that I think look good with my face. I don’t like it if my cheeks touch and move the rim up when I smile. I also don’t like it if my eyebrows look weird sticking out a certain way making them look like rooftops of houses. I know Im weird. But when you find a good pair you stick to them.

Last but definitely one of the most important accessories of my outfit is This Canvas Circle Bag from Haiti Design Co. Can you believe this bag is only $42! This company is making me think really hard about the products I purchase. I want my purchases to make a positive impact in the world rather than creating more problems. I feel like we all want to help, we want to give, we want to contribute, but we get so overwhelmed with picking a cause, a charity, a place to volunteer… but with this company they are making it easy for you. They are creating amazing goods for a great price and it is creating jobs for many people in Haiti. How cool is that? If you want to find out more about this amazing company CLICK HERE.

And there you have my outfit details. I get the most interaction on Ig stories when I post hair and outfits so I just thought I would link everything for you.

What is your usual go to running errands attire?



READING /// I met the author of this book on vacation. We were sitting around a bonfire in Mexico. Connie Britton was to my left. No Joke. Beside her was her friend,  this guy with an amazing voice and better laugh. I just remember thinking I want to be his friend. But I’m totally shy at first so I didn’t say too much.  I did ask him what the name of his book was and I typed it in my phone so I wouldn’t forget. I ended up purchasing it while on another vacation and I can’t put it down. Like I get annoyed when life interrupts my reading.  I thought the story of how we met would be better than me trying to butcher what its about. Guy turns 30 and rides bike from Oregon to Patagonia. That is all I will say. GO READ IT. (click on reading/// )

LISTENING TO /// I just want to listen to all the podcasts! Currently loving The Only Child with Arielle Vandenberg. I love listening to other peoples conversations. And if they can make me laugh too….especially in traffic, SIGN ME UP! What are you listening to? I need more!

DRINKING /// Gin and Tonic potions inspired by Coltivare. I went to their class, where we got to pick what we wanted to add in from the garden and ever since I have been experimenting and adding my own twist to them. I love making them for myself and friends that come over. The addiction is real. Who wants to come over and make cocktails?

EATING /// Brussel Sprout Nachos from Eight Row Flint. I cannot get enough and yet I haven’t tried to make my own…Maybe I will do that this week!

WEARING /// It’s been raining a lot so I have been living in my PRAY FOR RAIN raincoat. This coat makes me feel like FASHION. I AM IN LOVE. I would of worn it to the Met Gala for sure but another designer got to me first. You can take a peek on my instagram. Scroll down to row 15. My friends are the creators of this super happy vibrant brand. Made in Portugal. The quality is so good that it will last me a lifetime.

WATCHING /// We just finished watching Season 1 on Pen15. OMG this show is HILARIOUS!  7th Grade and all the things you were feeling and going through. The two main characters are 7th graders but they are played by actors MY AGE. It’s part of the humor. We binged that show so fast. Thank You Joseph and Danielle for introducing this awkward show into our lives. GO WATCH IT… then tell me what you think.

Busy Tonight - I just love her. I mean we go way back! Dawsons Creek, Freaks and Geeks. Now she has her own talk show where she interviews other people I love, LIKE LIZZO! She drinks tequilla and changes into a MUMU and then sings you a luluBYE. Bad news though, her last episode airs May 16th. E! cancelled the show. Dumb move. Rude.

I watch way more than this but I can’t give it all away in one post.