Remember THIS POST from 2017 when I announced that I hired someone to do all my booking? Since then, I’m happy to report that my quality of life has dramatically improved! Hopefully, this new system has made things easier for my clients as well. In the spirit of ‘New Year, New Me’ and improving upon things, I’ve created this post in order to make the booking process even easier for everyone, and to ensure a more efficient way of getting your appointments scheduled.


This info applies to ALL clients, old and new!

When emailing //

(Step 1) Introduce yourself!

Hi my name is __________. I am an existing client.

Hi my name is __________. I am a new client referred by __________.

(Step 2) What service(s) are you booking? Be specific!

In case you aren’t aware, when you email you are not emailing me (Brandi) directly. These emails get sent to my booker, Rannie. She probably doesn’t know you, and she more than likely has no idea what type of service you book. So when your email consists of “Hey boo! Need to refresh my color! Let me know when I can come in!” she already has too many questions for you (and for me), which delays in you getting a timely response.

(Step 3) When would you like to make your appointment for? Give options!

It seems pretty obvious, but first, look at my hours of availability. If you work during the week, and can’t make it to the salon until 5:00pm, you will likely be looking for a Saturday appointment. It is important to mention that in your initial email. Including YOUR availability is extremely helpful in cutting down the back and forth that happens during the scheduling process. If there is a specific date you are hoping to book, offer a backup day or time that could work for you as well, that way Rannie can get back to you with any and all options.

(Step 4) Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

All new clients are required to send photos of their current hair in natural lighting, as well as goal photos of what they are looking to achieve.


(Step 5) Anything else I should know about your hair?

Please mention anything I may need to know about your hair in regards to the amount of time that will need to be booked for you. Is your hair super long or super thick? Are you looking to make a huge change with your haircut (long to short)? Anything like that is important for us to know in order to book enough time for your service!

Example Email:

Hi, my name is Juniper Daily. I’m a current client. I need to make an appointment for a Partial Lived In Highlight and a haircut. It’s been about______long since I’ve gotten my color done, so I might need more than a partial? I work during the week, so I’m available on Saturdays, unless she has a lunch time appointment available on a Friday–I may be able to make that work. Let me know what she has open this month! Here is a current photo of my hair:



(Notice that the photos are taken in natural light. This is so important so we can really see what we are working with.)

Below is my goal photo. I realize this photo is probably a Full Lived In, but I can only afford a Partial Lived In and haircut at the moment.


Little insider info for you >>> These are both photos of both my hair. The first set was from March 2016 when I made a co-worker chop my hair very blunt with no layers. The Goal photo used for this post is me in November 2016. I had a total of 3 lived in highlight appointments between March and November to keep the integrity of my hair while I was growing it back out. I enjoyed each stage as I was in no rush to be blonder or brighter. 

I hope you find this post helpful and feel free to leave any feedback. I am working on more hair related posts for stylists and clients in 2018. If you have any requests please let me know. 

Instagram accounts to follow ///

@buenobrandi - My everyday life. Here you will see everything from my Plant babies, Interior decor, Travels, Outfits, Food, my Dog Harvey and Hair.

@doordyebrandi - Portfolio style of my clients hair and sometimes tutorials in Insta stories.

@doordyetx - Our Salon instagram with behind the scenes. 8 stylists, 2 assistants, Lash and Brow gal, Salon Coordinator, and receptionist. 



PLANT LIFE /// Planters

I spent a good portion of 2017 learning how to keep indoor plants alive. If you follow me on instagram ( @buenobrandi ) you have seen that I don't suck at it. I've had a few casualties but I think thats part of the process. Trial and Error. Most the time is was due to over watering. I keep meeting people who say they can't keep anything alive and need help. So consider this as my first post to help ya out. I am no expert as I have many questions myself but we can all learn together and swap tips! 

My advice to someone who is interested in plants ///

Start with one plant baby. Research it. Google it! How much light does it need? How often should you water it? What kind of planter is best? What size planter? You should ask your local plant shop. If you live in Houston and are new to the plant club, check out Buchanan's, they will answer all your questions and are really friendly. Once you can handle keeping one plant alive... buy another. Below are the planters I like to keep my babies in at Home and at The Salon ( Do or Dye Tx ) Most of them have drain holes which is important for me. If they don't have a hole I drill one or I put a pile of rocks at the bottom so my roots don't rot. I Hope you find this post helpful and feel free to ask me anything. 

Other planters not linked that I like to shop at ///  The Boho Stow (vintage)  & Ashes and Fire (handmade ceramics)



Hey Friends, I know it's been awhile since I have posted and even longer since I've done an interview with anyone but you know life is busy. We all say that I know. I just had to post my friends New Single because I love it so much! I hope you feel the same way. I had the privilege of meeting Ryne when he was in town touring. He actually stayed at our house and immediately liked him. Other than Hella talented ...He is one of the most kind, thoughtful, jazzed about life dudes you will ever meet and I'm proud/lucky to be his friend. The dude has never met a stranger.

Hope you Enjoy this interview along with song!


Name ///
Ryne Norman @rynorman

Where have you spent majority of your life? are you there now? If no where do you live now?

I spent the majority of my life in the suburbs of Phoenix. Growing up in phoenix though, everything is kind of a suburb. Although I’m glad I don’t live in the desert anymore, theres a part of me thats proud to be from the southwest & I think I always will be a proud Arizona kid.
I currently now reside in good ole’ music city. Nashville, Tennessee. 

How long have you been writing/ creating music?
When I was a little kid I started a band with my cousins where I basically just hit the play button on pre-recorded loops of a Cassio piano. We all thought that was cool, but me especially. So I dove into it a bit more and started exploring sounds that I could make myself. Then my dad gave me his guitar when I was around 11, he taught me a few chords, and I would lock myself in my room for hours on end practicing & trying new sounds & melodies. I wrote my first song when I was learning how to play the guitar.
They both kind of came to me at the same time, & I loved it. Since then, it has just been a bunch of learning & growing up. So in short, haha I guess since I was about 11,  so 14+ years.

First song you remember hearing. That song that takes you back to a childhood memory ///

Two Princes by Spin Doctors.
I still guiltily love that song today, but thats the first song I can ever remember hearing & loving. My parents even have a video of me dancing to it as a little guy.
“If you like to talk for hours… just go ahead now”

What is your all time favorite song ///
With or Without You - U2 (re-wrote this at least 10 times with different answers FYI)

Have to ask... what is your least favorite song ever?
Probably Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson 

What inspired Stranger Things ///
Realizing you’re falling in love when its the last thing you’re looking for can be a strange phenomenon sometimes. It definitelly was for me when I first met my wife. This song is inspired by a combination of the energy from how we met, what drew me to her, & the emotions that kind of stirred in me from then on out. Its a power ballad about simply finding love where you least expected it & how amazingly strange it truly can be. (Unfortunately, there was no ties or inspiration from the show at all haha)

If you could pick out any musicians to make up your dream band who would they be? Be honest and don't name your friends Ha! ///
Anderson .Paak - drums, Pino Palladino - bass, Blake Mills - guitar, & Cory Henry - keys.
The dream team.
Honestly though, I’d probably just let .Paak sing & I’d sit back, watch & listen. 

If you were trying to describe your sound to a stranger what would you say?

If Ryan Adams, Dawes, & the 1975 all got drunk, started a band together, & accidentally all signed a 5 album recording deal. I’m the 3rd album they’d make when they all kind of stopped hating each other for getting drunk & signing the record deal & then kind of start finding their niche.

Hahaha but all this aside, I truly do long to create my own recognizable sound, that people might one day make a reference back to me. 

Best time and place to listen to Stranger Things?

Definitely on a Friday night, in the spring or fall when its not too cold outside yet but its just cool enough to need a light layer.

After you’ve had a few cocktails, in the back seat of your Uber. Windows down, while driving on busy, bright, lively downtown streets.

(okay fine, in Manhattan obviously).

Who is your audience?

My audience, I hope, are people who desire to be inspired & filled up more than just another distraction on the radio. Music lovers & other creatives who enjoy creativity and value great songwriting & producing over notoriety & accessibility.

Where can we see you play next?

I’m currently working on a tour for early next year once my album is out, so stay tuned for that. I will be playing a CD release show in Nashville sometime in early December, late November. The date is TBA, but you can check my website or socials for all tour/show announcements. 




Ryne Norman //