I think this is my goal every year...DRINK MORE WATER. I know I feel better when I do. I know I look better when I do. Coming back from vacation I started a challenge with a couple friends for accountability. Each challenge is different but the common factor is the drinking more water. Yesterday at work this topic came up and a coworker told me to get the Waterlogged app to keep track throughout the day. I don't know why having an APP is so satisfying. I just logged in and accidentally typed in that I drank 128 oz of water today and that couldn't be farther than the truth. I was trying to type my goal. But...looks like I will have to make that come true today. I want to do the 30 day Water Challenge but I know I will still be good with taking my weight dividing it by 2 and drinking that total number of ounces. 

Why do I want to do this? Because I drink more coffee and wine than I do water most days. I need that to be the other way around. I need more energy throughout the day. I want my skin to stay as young as possible, for as long as possible. I am still too scared to get botox or any kind of work done on my face. I want hydrated lips because I was seriously born with chapped lips! It's true. No headaches in the morning would be cool (not a wine hangover either, just from not drinking enough water) . Possibly a flatter tummy? I am still skeptical of that change. But why not try? Lets take a shot now! A water shot to get this going! Just did and I didn't even make an ugly face!

 Read an honest review of the 30 day challenge. Hilarious but honest. If you just type in 30 Day Water challenge or Lady drinks a gallon of water for 30 days you will find a ton of reviews. Read some.. see if this is anything you are intrigued by and let me know if you are in. So I am officially challenging you to drink more water with me! We can do this! Power in numbers? More people to let down if you don't Ha!


I recommend getting a non plastic bottle. These are my favorite ever since a friend put a gift basket together for his girlfriend and I. Thanks Mark!