Creating a work uniform ( Do or Dye Tx)  for myself has been HUGE for me. Not only does it save me so much time getting ready, it also saves my wardrobe from getting destroyed by color and bleach.... and also from tiny hairs that never come out of fabric. Dude don't get me started with the tiny hairs in the bra poking your boobs FOREVER. It sucks MAJOR but it's just part of the job. Yes, I do have an apron but sometimes I get crazy with my creativity and bleach,color, and hair can fly! I like to stick with Black, White, Grey, and Denim because it's classic and never goes out of style.  When it comes to shoes and accessories anything goes!!!! But shoes must be comfortable since I stand all day. In our industry it is so important. I will continue to add to this list so if you need some inspo just scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog and view my WISHLIST


I think this is my goal every year...DRINK MORE WATER. I know I feel better when I do. I know I look better when I do. Coming back from vacation I started a challenge with a couple friends for accountability. Each challenge is different but the common factor is the drinking more water. Yesterday at work this topic came up and a coworker told me to get the Waterlogged app to keep track throughout the day. I don't know why having an APP is so satisfying. I just logged in and accidentally typed in that I drank 128 oz of water today and that couldn't be farther than the truth. I was trying to type my goal. But...looks like I will have to make that come true today. I want to do the 30 day Water Challenge but I know I will still be good with taking my weight dividing it by 2 and drinking that total number of ounces. 

Why do I want to do this? Because I drink more coffee and wine than I do water most days. I need that to be the other way around. I need more energy throughout the day. I want my skin to stay as young as possible, for as long as possible. I am still too scared to get botox or any kind of work done on my face. I want hydrated lips because I was seriously born with chapped lips! It's true. No headaches in the morning would be cool (not a wine hangover either, just from not drinking enough water) . Possibly a flatter tummy? I am still skeptical of that change. But why not try? Lets take a shot now! A water shot to get this going! Just did and I didn't even make an ugly face!

 Read an honest review of the 30 day challenge. Hilarious but honest. If you just type in 30 Day Water challenge or Lady drinks a gallon of water for 30 days you will find a ton of reviews. Read some.. see if this is anything you are intrigued by and let me know if you are in. So I am officially challenging you to drink more water with me! We can do this! Power in numbers? More people to let down if you don't Ha!


I recommend getting a non plastic bottle. These are my favorite ever since a friend put a gift basket together for his girlfriend and I. Thanks Mark! 


Remember when I said the title of my outfit posts were going to be my 2017 resolutions or goals?  Well this one is top of the list! It is so important for Jacob and I to just have one on one time together and just have fun. We fill our schedules up with friends and family so much and sometimes we forget or we don't have a night free to schedule "us" time. We don't want to continue that so we now have printed out calendars on the fridge where we actually have all our plans written out including DATE NIGHTS.

 Saturday night after I got off work Jacob and I made plans to have a shopping date and go to dinner. We needed to buy new swimsuits for this weeks vacation but after one fitting room session I was over it! Does anyone love trying swimwear on? The lighting in those rooms is awful! Change the lights and maybe people would buy more! Geez. Anyway... we proceeded to shop but not for bathing suits. The highlight of the night was finding a denim cut off RompHIM (romper for a dude). When I saw the light beaming down on it I had to get Jacob to put it on. I found these Shiny Silver High tops that I added to his pile. Pretty sure all the people in line for the dressing room didn't appreciate us taking time for a little photoshoot. Oh well!  If you are curious about this look he posted it on his IG @jacobslisenbe and sadly we did not go home with these items which we are kind of regretting. I mean how awesome would it be for Jacob to roll up in this get up? I would love to see the look on peoples faces. Dang it! Now I wish he would have worn it to True Foods that night. Hopes and Dreams....

This Dress and Sunnies were just a couple of items I bought that night. I'm pretty excited about my purchases because they are very different from my normal work wardrobe but still completely my style. What are some stores you are loving lately? 

Boots /// Cobra Rock 

Dress /// Zara (current) - I just think this looks better opened rather than buttoned all the way down. I am pretty short so this length would be very unflattering on me if I wore it closed up. It would look like a potato sac on me. I would totally wear this with cut off shorts too and maybe some platforms to make me taller. 

Leggings ///  - They sent these to me after our Marfa Retreat and they are the most comfortable pants ever. They are high waisted too so they don't cut off at an awkward area like right in the middle of your muffin top! I like wearing shorts or pants under dresses so I don't flash anyone. 

Sunnies ///  Cheap sunnies are ideal for beach vacations which is why I bought these. If they fall into the ocean or get all scratched up by the sand no biggie! 

Bucket Bag /// Hatton Henry - I love this bag so much I have it in small and in large! 

Gold Bangles /// Gifted or Thrifted - I love how small they are! 

Watch ///  - Jacob got me this watch because my fit bit kept breaking. I am still trying to figure out all the things I can do with this gadget. Love it!

Hair /// Waving Iron  - People keep asking me about our waving iron and they can't find it anywhere. But we have them for sale at Do or Dye TX so come on in. I only wash my hair once a week and style it with the wave iron on Day 1 and then the rest of the week I'm set!