Remember when I said the title of my outfit posts were going to be my 2017 resolutions or goals?  Well this one is top of the list! It is so important for Jacob and I to just have one on one time together and just have fun. We fill our schedules up with friends and family so much and sometimes we forget or we don't have a night free to schedule "us" time. We don't want to continue that so we now have printed out calendars on the fridge where we actually have all our plans written out including DATE NIGHTS.

 Saturday night after I got off work Jacob and I made plans to have a shopping date and go to dinner. We needed to buy new swimsuits for this weeks vacation but after one fitting room session I was over it! Does anyone love trying swimwear on? The lighting in those rooms is awful! Change the lights and maybe people would buy more! Geez. Anyway... we proceeded to shop but not for bathing suits. The highlight of the night was finding a denim cut off RompHIM (romper for a dude). When I saw the light beaming down on it I had to get Jacob to put it on. I found these Shiny Silver High tops that I added to his pile. Pretty sure all the people in line for the dressing room didn't appreciate us taking time for a little photoshoot. Oh well!  If you are curious about this look he posted it on his IG @jacobslisenbe and sadly we did not go home with these items which we are kind of regretting. I mean how awesome would it be for Jacob to roll up in this get up? I would love to see the look on peoples faces. Dang it! Now I wish he would have worn it to True Foods that night. Hopes and Dreams....

This Dress and Sunnies were just a couple of items I bought that night. I'm pretty excited about my purchases because they are very different from my normal work wardrobe but still completely my style. What are some stores you are loving lately? 

Boots /// Cobra Rock 

Dress /// Zara (current) - I just think this looks better opened rather than buttoned all the way down. I am pretty short so this length would be very unflattering on me if I wore it closed up. It would look like a potato sac on me. I would totally wear this with cut off shorts too and maybe some platforms to make me taller. 

Leggings ///  - They sent these to me after our Marfa Retreat and they are the most comfortable pants ever. They are high waisted too so they don't cut off at an awkward area like right in the middle of your muffin top! I like wearing shorts or pants under dresses so I don't flash anyone. 

Sunnies ///  Cheap sunnies are ideal for beach vacations which is why I bought these. If they fall into the ocean or get all scratched up by the sand no biggie! 

Bucket Bag /// Hatton Henry - I love this bag so much I have it in small and in large! 

Gold Bangles /// Gifted or Thrifted - I love how small they are! 

Watch ///  - Jacob got me this watch because my fit bit kept breaking. I am still trying to figure out all the things I can do with this gadget. Love it!

Hair /// Waving Iron  - People keep asking me about our waving iron and they can't find it anywhere. But we have them for sale at Do or Dye TX so come on in. I only wash my hair once a week and style it with the wave iron on Day 1 and then the rest of the week I'm set! 



Since moving into our new place in June we haven't had much time to really make it what we want. I would say that the only two rooms that get any attention is the downstairs Guest Room and the Living Room.. and neither one is 100 percent but I'm okay with that. As long as our guests feel comfortable and we have a place to hang we are happy. Lets be honest though most the time we are in the Kitchen!

When people ask what our decorating style is I really don't know how to answer that. I want our home to feel like the first home my parents ever bought. Lots of light, huge windows, tons of space, not a lot of furniture to fill up the space but just enough, high ceilings, records playing, minimal and airy. The house was always filled with family and friends and there was just so much love and laughter. I like the idea of not filling up the space just to have stuff. That makes me feel claustrophobic. I want everything we own to have a purpose or meaning behind it. 

I've had so many requests to see inside our place so I decided to start with the living room. It's not perfect but so far it has many of the things that remind me of my childhood home. 

CHAIRS - I bought these from Andrew Modern they are close friends and  they are originals but here is a link  (SIMILAR TO)



RECLINER - Never in my life would I think to get a recliner in my house but this one doesn't look big and bulky like an old man chair. It's def a favorite choice to sit on when people come over.



COFFEE TABLE - I got this at a local shop called Native Citizen but I have no idea what it's called so if you know please let me know. 


MAGAZINE RACK - My Aunt Gayle gave me this a few years back and I absolutely love it! It's the perfect way to display my coffee table books.

LARGE PEACOCK CHAIR - Another treasure available @TheBohoStow or click on link for more options.

VINTAGE PLANTER- Follow my friend Cheryl on IG @TheBohoStow to buy this one or click on link for other options



BOOK SHELF and SURFBOARD - We found these at Reeves Antiques. This place is full of awesome unique pieces and people always want to know about them. 

FACETED TERRARIUMS - We have not planted anything in it yet we have so many things to pot first! 

GUITAR - Gift from my Grandma Nolene and Aunt Vicki When I was in 8th Grade. I wanted to be like Sheryl Crow and Courtney Love...

PLANTS - Buchanan's, Home Depot, Cactus King (cash only), Ikea, my mom will bring a pinch from her plants over and grow a new one for me, Friends and Family have gifted me some awesome pencil plants. Seriously giving someone or growing someone a plant is the best gift ever! 

SUMMER OF YOGA /// Pop Up Shop


One bus, a few lucky ass Lululemon employees traveling all over the U.S. from Canada to host the best pop up shop you have ever been to. From Music Festivals to Big Cities this crew made a huge impact everywhere they stopped. One huge perk was hey had a limited supply of goods exclusively for the pop up shop called the Wanderlust line. So the kimono, top, workout bag and the two pants I got are not sold in stores. But when people ask where I got them I have an opportunity to share my experience. 

I asked Kelly and Jess from Lululemon to give a breakdown of what SUMER OF YOGA was all about. My only involvement was to capture great moments and document the whole experience. Like I said before, I love this company, the people who associate themselves with this company, and the community they are building everywhere they go. Such good times and good vibes. So yes, anytime they ask me to be involved I will say YES. 

Summer of Yoga Pop Up Shop

"No Shower Happy Hour" shopping experience out of the Summer of Yoga Airstream

  • Event Overview
    • [intention] create a unique shopping experience for Houston to connect, drink, and shop.
    • [shop] guests had access to 150 units of limited edition Wanderlust product. 
    • [sip] located in the parking lot of hip Houston restaurant Weights + Measures, guests were encouraged to grab food and bevis from inside before and after shopping.
    • created business cards to hand out 1 week before that were limited in information to create FOMO and buzz.
    • Houston Galleria Key Lead, Tyler owned creating the Friday night experience /// it was a great development opportunity for other employees to help work the event.
    • 2 weeks out: enrolled Houston store teams at city wide staff meeting fashion show
    • utilized an email list of 24,000 to invite the collective


Next up Summer of Yoga on a Yacht... 

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