Since moving into our new place in June we haven't had much time to really make it what we want. I would say that the only two rooms that get any attention is the downstairs Guest Room and the Living Room.. and neither one is 100 percent but I'm okay with that. As long as our guests feel comfortable and we have a place to hang we are happy. Lets be honest though most the time we are in the Kitchen!

When people ask what our decorating style is I really don't know how to answer that. I want our home to feel like the first home my parents ever bought. Lots of light, huge windows, tons of space, not a lot of furniture to fill up the space but just enough, high ceilings, records playing, minimal and airy. The house was always filled with family and friends and there was just so much love and laughter. I like the idea of not filling up the space just to have stuff. That makes me feel claustrophobic. I want everything we own to have a purpose or meaning behind it. 

I've had so many requests to see inside our place so I decided to start with the living room. It's not perfect but so far it has many of the things that remind me of my childhood home. 

CHAIRS - I bought these from Andrew Modern they are close friends and  they are originals but here is a link  (SIMILAR TO)



RECLINER - Never in my life would I think to get a recliner in my house but this one doesn't look big and bulky like an old man chair. It's def a favorite choice to sit on when people come over.



COFFEE TABLE - I got this at a local shop called Native Citizen but I have no idea what it's called so if you know please let me know. 


MAGAZINE RACK - My Aunt Gayle gave me this a few years back and I absolutely love it! It's the perfect way to display my coffee table books.

LARGE PEACOCK CHAIR - Another treasure available @TheBohoStow or click on link for more options.

VINTAGE PLANTER- Follow my friend Cheryl on IG @TheBohoStow to buy this one or click on link for other options



BOOK SHELF and SURFBOARD - We found these at Reeves Antiques. This place is full of awesome unique pieces and people always want to know about them. 

FACETED TERRARIUMS - We have not planted anything in it yet we have so many things to pot first! 

GUITAR - Gift from my Grandma Nolene and Aunt Vicki When I was in 8th Grade. I wanted to be like Sheryl Crow and Courtney Love...

PLANTS - Buchanan's, Home Depot, Cactus King (cash only), Ikea, my mom will bring a pinch from her plants over and grow a new one for me, Friends and Family have gifted me some awesome pencil plants. Seriously giving someone or growing someone a plant is the best gift ever! 

CASA /// Add To Cart

Any free time we have had lately we are looking through catalogs, pinterest, or instagram to try and find the perfect pieces for our home. It's hard to pick certain items because I get sick of things fast and I have expensive taste so... Good advice I received from a family friend was to spend good money only on timeless classic pieces, and bargain shop for the trendy pieces, basically the same advice as wardrobe. I always think "would my kids want this someday?"

Most of the furniture we had before the move was hand me downs, pre marriage, and things passed down. I have a few rattan items from my childhood that I adore and a chair that my sister Kelly got...I'm still pretty bummed about it but that's part of having 3 siblings. Anyway enough moping, I saw the chairs on @onekingslane instagram and I'm not sure if they sell them or if they were just in the photo (fingers crossed). Anyway the whole point of this paragraph was that my rattan/ wicker obsession maybe going overboard lately. I want it all! How much is too much? 

Some of our favorites stores when it comes to our home are 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 . Some of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram are @amberinteriors, @dominomag, @fleamarketfab, @thebeachlodge and @thehomeedit

I would love to know what your favorite stores or instagram accounts to follow are. 

Below are some of the items I have purchased and some that are just sitting in my cart. What items are sitting in your cart?


CASA /// Our Dining Room





Chairs /// Table /// Rug /// Bench /// Glass  ///

Being renters I never really thought about buying new furniture for our place. I just assumed we would buy furniture after we bought a house because you never know what is going to fit or what style will go with the house. Well, that all changed a few months back when we decided we were not going to buy for awhile. We talked it over with our financial planner and it doesn't really make sense for us to buy now, especially since we don't even know how long we want to stay here. It's such a big commitment and with our travel schedule it would just be a big stress to deal with all the things home owners have to handle. So little by little we are working on making our rental feel more like home. Jacob and I love having our friends over so we decided to start on the living room and dining room. We still have a ways to go because we don't want to just rush and buy everything at one place, and we don't want to buy things that don't have a purpose or wasn't thought out. It has been a fun process so far, I just wish we had more time with it. Right now we are trying to decide on what photos from our travels to enlarge and where we should get this done. I had a lot of suggestions on IG, Arifact Uprising is one we keep hearing about so we might go with that. So far we are loving our dining room table and chairs, we made a rule when we made the purchase that we couldn't eat in the living room anymore but that didn't really take effect until we gave up Hulu and Netflix. Killing that bad habit has been amazing for our house. Conversations at the table with each other and friends is way better than T.V. We are super excited and eagerly waiting for our bench to be delivered so that we can have more people around our table for dinner. 

Things on my table /// You know how I said I like things having a purpose or story behind them? Well I'll explain why I picked these things for display, the succulent is from my best friends wedding so it's a reminder of love and commitment, the coral is from our travels, the flower is from Jacob, and the big wooden chip holder from Mexico is a wedding present from a family friend. I don't know if it's a chip holder,  I just didn't know what else to call it and we have used it for chips in the past. So that is our dining room set up so far. Still looking into Bar carts, Buffets, and light fixtures. Below are some items I have my eye on.