Over the Summer a group of Houston makers, shakers, creatives and brand ambassadors were invited out to Marfa, Texas for a Lululemon Residency. Since returning, I’ve been asked to share my experience and I can’t provide a quick n’ easy answer! Every trip out to Marfa, Texas has blown my mind and each time has been completely unique. The empty landscape and minimal lifestyle leaves little distraction from your travel crew and local run-ins. Connection. 


Lululemon is an incredible athletics brand that supports community, connection, inspiration and all around healthy lifestyles. Over the month of June, they sent a different group of Houstonians out to Marfa for a week to connect, share meals, tell stories, and soak up as much inspiration as possible. I was traveling with a crew outside my everyday usual and I really enjoyed getting outside my comfort zone and getting vulnerable with strangers. Lululemon keeps impressing me the way they always give back. 

The Group ///

Kristen Pulpan /// Kristen Joy Pulpan

Abbie Preston /// Box Sparrow Studio

Abigail McKenzie /// Made in Rye

Travis Weaver /// Manready Mercantile

Leah /// Oil and Grain

Me /// This Blog &  

Mike Stevenson /// SmileBooth

The Residence ///

We stayed at a house called The Corte Del Norte and it was amazing. My friends Josh and Brooke who once live in Houston and Marfa, Texas were there when we arrived. Turns out, The Corte Del Norte is actually their Aunt’s house so that was a great surprise to be greeted by them. Seriously the best house for residency. Every morning we had coffee from Cedar Coffee Supply, or Do Your Thing Coffee

Activities ///

Our mornings were kicked off with coffee from either Cedar Coffee Supply or Do Your Thing Coffee. From there we: practiced meditation, got to know one another, Star Party at McDonald Observatory, Kevin Bacon spotting, Shared meals, explored West Texas, Prada Marfa, Had drinks at Hotel Saint George, opened up and learned a lot about ourselves, shared our stories, cried, laughed, and checked out of our normal routine while in Marfa. I Have to say one of the most enjoyable experiences was when Simone, from Do Your Thing Coffee, came to the house and prepared a feast for us. She had to leave right after because most of the locals were in Kevin Bacon's TV pilot. WHAT? 

As mentioned before, I have been to Marfa enough times to really know my way around ;) If you’ve ever been there, you know I’m kidding. It’s so small you’ll know your way around in a day! Anyway here are a few of my Marfa recommendations///

Lost Horse Saloon

The Get Go

Saint George Hotel

Do your thing Coffee

El Cosmico

Cobra Rock

Cast & Crew

Thunderbird Hotel

Planet Marfa  

Chinati Foundation

Marfa Mystery Lights

Chinati Hot Springs 

Prada Marfa - Actually not in Marfa, it's in Valentine and it's a 30 ish minute drive but if you wanna get that photo its worth it.

McDonald Observatory - to watch the stars and see the planets

Other West Texas towns I recommending swinging through///
Big Bend

Thank you, Lululemon for such an incredible trip and to my travel crew for the one of a kind experience. Our time together was truly a gift. I don’t really know how else to put it. Hopefully these photos can fill in the blanks for me!

Didn't get enough West Texas in this post? Here are a couple of my previous favorite times in Marfa///

Colomo House // Marfa

The Bueno Adventures // Big Bend National Park

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