AROUND MY HOME: Chica Brava Surf House

So I thought I would post an Around My Home, even though it was just my home for a week. Chica Brava has two options that you can pick. The Cloud Farm and The Surf House. We chose the Surf House for our first time and it was Perfect. It is right on the Beach and right in the middle of all the action in town. You can seriously walk anywhere you need in less than 5 minutes. Next time I go I might have to stay at The Cloud Farm to experience that infinity pool!









1<> The Chica Brava Surf House- Surf shop in the front, house in the back.
2<> Laying in the Hammock waiting for breakfast:)
3<> Breakfast area
4<> Living room
5<> Waiting to go to Yoga
6<> Hang Area has DVD's, Games, Books, and a tiny fridge for snacks and cerveza
7<> Hanging our Suits and towels to dry
8<> Our first choice for room, we called it the pink princess room.
9<> In the shower

If you are interested in going to Surf Camp which I definitely recommend check out and like them of FB. One of the best weeks of my life.

OMG I HEART: My GoPro Hero 3

Testing out my #gopro in #nicaragua #brandiandrannienicaraguanadventure

Selfie!! Hi Mom, Hi Dad! Love you Guys!
yes I am wearing bottoms! We love Chica Brava!!!
He would surf and fish then surf and go back to fishing.
Waiting and goofing off! BANANA!

Hair talk. "You don't have a mullet."
No video games for this one. He can entertain himself for hours. So Awesome!
My New Friends! from Chica Brava! I miss them already!

So I'm Kind of obsessed with my Go Pro. Thanks Dad! Best Present Ever! Seriously! The photo's, the videos, I mean this little gadget provides hours of fun!

I had a scare one day with it. I got Cocky and didn't tie my hair around the head strap and I wiped out, came up out of the water and screamed, "MY GO PRO!!!" everyone got off their boards and started searching. I prayed so hard that we would find it. Candace kept me calm for sure and Thank God Shelby found it minutes later or that would of ruined that surf day for me.

5 Important Things to Remember when packing for the Beach.
-No such thing as too much sun screen or zinca! Get those ears too! Rannie had crispy crunchies.
-Bring Almonds, fruit, and Mari Gold bars for more energy,You will need it.
-Don't forget SPF lip balm. Prevent those blisters!
-Freeze a couple of huge bottles of water so they stays nice and cool for you.
-Bring a rashguard and leggings just incase your body doesn't want anymore sun or incase your skin is sensitive from the board and wax. I don't get rashes but it sure was nice to wear these on days where my skin was on fire from the sun.
-Bring some extra cordoba because a cold cerveza tastes oh so good in the hot hot heat after a long surf seession.

More Nicaragua posts coming... Flickr is acting up and I need it to get it together so I can post "Around The Surf House!

Until then you can see my adventures on Instagram @LisenbeSquared

Word of advice: just spend an hour watching you tube videos on how to use your GoPro and how to properly secure your accessories. Once I did that I was set.