Our friends from Parra Jewelry made this amazing Wild & Free Orca Pendent to help spread awareness for Killer Whales in captivity. They are donating 50 % of proceeds to

Have you seen the movie Blackfish yet? If you haven't it's on Netflix and I encourage you to watch it. We watched it and balled our eyes out. So get ready, the truth is hard to watch.

WWBW ///



Booties // Waylons from the Ascot + Hart x Matisse
Overalls // Gap 
Leggings // AyAyAy Apparel 
Tank // Living Doll La 
Sunnies // Tumbleweeds
Hat // Army Surplus
Bag // AWTB
Wrist Bling // Oxford Trunk
Neck Bling // Bueno Bueno & Parra Jewelry (Wild and Free Orca Pendant)
Jammin // Cayucas

Yesterday was a good day. I woke up.  Called Kelly, she didn't answer so I called her over and over, but she was in Yoga so she didn't call me back for a while. Jacob went and picked up Rannie from the airport while I had some coffee, blogged and returned emails. Then we went to Academy to pick up some dumb bells, a jump rope, and a pull up bar so that I could do the workouts that my friend sent me. They were HARD but that's the point though right?  Some friends dropped in and out a few times during the day which was nice. I also went to HEB and bought groceries so that I could meal prep for the week. You know Grocery shopping is still a challenge for me but I am starting to figure out where things are a lot faster now, and it's not taking me 3 hours! I still make a bunch of calls to Jacob asking him where certain items would be... but I'm trying! He had a show last night with Wandering Bufaleros  that Kelly and I wanted to go to but... we had way too much to do plus we are still on our 30 day challenge. Why tempt ourselves by going to the Gingerman where you can get the yummiest of beers. Anyway, my night ended partying (CLEANING) with Haim and Cayucas in the Kitchen and sending texts back and forth with Kelly Biscuits. Wild and Crazy I know, but it was a productive day.

How did you spend your St. Patty's Day? Did you have green eggs and ham? Green beer?