BUENO BUENO X HOME DEPOT /// Brandi's Backyard



The project goal ///
To create a space that we could entertain family/ friends or have quiet times in the morning. My goal is for everyone to feel like they are on vacation in my backyard.

My color inspiration was my Endless Summer poster that is hanging in my dining room and various mexican prints. I wanted lots of pink along with other bright happy colors.

I decided I wanted to make more seating and I saw THIS BENCH on Pinterest. I also wanted to make this cinder block plant wall that I saw in Costa Rica. I ended up combining the two ideas and I am super happy about it.

During this project I realized how much I love working on the yard. The brainstorming, the trips to home depot, getting dirty and sweaty and seeing your backyard transform. I don't think I will ever be completely finished with my backyard because I can already think of the next project and I am excited to get working again!


Everything I added to back ///
Tiki Torches
Herb Garden
Cinderblock Planting Bench
White rock walking path
Hung cafe lights (the squirrels ate through the ones we had before)
Planted succulents in an old candle holder
Lots and lots of plants and soil.
Fresh paint jobs on planters
Painted and recovered a bench with oil cloth

Check out other projects going on at The Home Depot Blog, one of my favorite before and after's is our friend Ashley's backyard. She maps out a few DIY projects she did along the way. Take a look HERE.

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