FIX YO MOP /// The Royals

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We are seeing everything in the hair this season you name it, flowers, jewels, braids, scarfs and my favorite....thread. I have been sewing up hair into updo's for years now and sometimes it's fun just to use your hair and thread for a gorgeous hair crown. People are always amazed when you whip out that needle and thread. You can choose a color that matches the hair or you can pick a color that pops. Either way I hope you try all kinds of crowns this season. When we were kids our mom used to make us crowns with the over grown flowers in our yard and when we had those crowns on our heads we felt like royals. We felt pretty. There is just something special about crowns.

You may be thinking where would you go with a crown on your head? The answer is ANYWHERE,  you just have to own it.

Flowers // Festivals, Weddings, The Great Outdoors
Jewels // Weddings, Dates, Concerts, Girls Night
Braids  and Scarfs // Everywhere

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Can you guess what this weeks hair challenge is going to be?