INDIA /// Mumbai Day 1

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Namaste! We made it! 24 hours of travel time and we made it to India! As soon as we got to our hotel we ordered room service, praise God for 24 hour service! It was around 2:45 am when we got to our room and we just wanted to dive into our PJ's, stuff our faces, and get comfy. Jacob finally got some sleep last night but not much since I am an earlier riser and I was much too excited to stay in our hotel room this morning. After a delicious breakfast we headed to the beach and took photos of the locals. I could do this for hours. 

The remainder of the day was spent relaxing, working out, getting spa treatments, napping and ordering room service while we watch movies. Today was our official day of rest because starting tomorrow we have a full itinerary with friends.

Tips for Day 1 ///
Pack a travel charger and Universal charger
Have your car service scheduled before you arrive to India
Get a currency App so you know exchange rate /// Approx $1 us dollar = 66 Rupee
If you are traveling with group download Whatsapp so you can communicate through wifi
Only Drink Bottled Water
Rest up and adjust to time difference. Its a 12 hour difference from Texas.

As the trip goes on I will have more tips for you. Follow our adventures over on IG @buenobrandi @jacobslisenbe #buenobuenoadventures #lisenbesgotoindia

TRAVEL /// Luggage and a little FYI


On Jacob ///
Shirt /// Pants /// Sunnies /// Sandals /// Wrist /// In Hand /// Hat /// Water Bottle

We are headed out again next week and we have been searching for a complete luggage set. Right now everything is all mix and matched... which I don't mind but Jacob likes things to go together. Places we've been looking are here, here, and here.  We definitely want most of our luggage to roll so we don't have aching hunch backs carrying everything across the airport. Ya feel me on that?

Oh and just a little FYI ///

Middle seat passengers get both armrests, I can't believe how many people choose to ignore this or do not know. But think about it, that poor middle person has nowhere to lean or escape.

ACE HOTEL /// Seattle

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When we travel we have a bad habit of waiting last minute to book Hotels, cars, or make reservations. We couldn't decide between Airbnb or a hotel, finally the week of flying out we looked at Ace Hotel and there was no availability. Jacob gave them a call just to double check and thankfully one deluxe room had opened up. Hallelujah! It was a big surprise to find out that this was our cheapest option in hotels. Crazy huh?

I loved the decor throughout and I loved the all over vibe. Jacob asked the guy at the front desk where we could go for a drink that was a little pretentious but more so laid back, he laughed and said he knew just the place. That hidden gem was in an Alley way called Bathtub Gin & Co. It was perfect for what we were in the mood for. So big props for great customer service, I always love a good recommendation, especially when it's walking distance from where we are staying.

You know how most Hotels have complimentary breakfast? Ace Hotel did too but it was actually yummy. They had Waffles, Toast, Peanut Butter, Syrup, Yogurt (Non Fat, and Flavored), Granola, and Stumptown Coffee.

If your staying in Seattle and you like more of an original place with history and character I totally recommend Ace Hotel.

Walking distance from ///
The Space Needle
Pike Market Place
Bathtub Gin & Co.
Seattle Water Front

Recommendations from our friends of things to see and places to go ///
Portage Bay Cafe and Catering
Capitol Hill
Odd Fellows for lunch or dinner
Bastille (French place)
Kings Hardware (bar)
Stumptown Coffee
Besalu for pastries
Golden Gardens
Sunset Hill
London Plane
Elm Coffee Roasters
Pioneer Square
Saint Edward National Park
Snoqualmie Falls