edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros








As of lately...
1. I usually wake up because I kick Bootsie on accident or she wakes me up to go outside.
2. I wake up Jacob by asking if he wants to make coffee over ad over until he finally opens his eyes. 
3. There are usually signs that someone has crashed on our couch. Thank God for extra toothbrushes!
4. Jacob makes breakfast while the coffee gets going. I am usually watching Hulu or on Instagram.
5. With one bathroom and two of us we make do but not doo doo. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!
6. I refill my coffee 3 or 4 times before work and use multipul cups. Drives him Bonkers! 
7. Always some beverage left in the shower! Beware we are known for icing Guests!
8. I always rush 30 minutes before I have to be at the salon. Dry Shampoo saves me!
9. Bootsie will wake up and find whatever room we are in and go to sleep again beside us.
10. We like leaving little love notes to eachother, friends, guests, whatev...

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Jacob got me this Album awhile back when he played a show with the 71's at Cactus Records.
I like it best in the mornings..