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Blue bonnets

This past Friday, Brandi Joined me and the Stash family out at Warrenton to go treasure hunting. The day started at 6 am and I didn't pull up in my drive way until about 10 pm. Stash was on the hunt for unique building materials, Justin was looking for weapons, Brandi was looking for hides for two chairs in her living room and I was just looking for home inspiration. We all hit the jackpot.

On the drive out there we listened to a binder of Brandi's cds from her high school/my middle school days (90s). We just found this binder about a week ago in our Mom's garage. Oh man, what a treasure. About halfway through the Third Eye Blind album, I remembered we would be passing fields of Bluebonnets and every time I pass bluebonnets, I see folks out there taking family photos, so I told Brandi we HAVE to stop. Poor Justin was with us and didn't stand a chance. We found a nice patch of bonnets pulled over and then this happened...

Blue bonnets

Blue bonnets

Blue bonnets

Blue bonnets

Blue bonnets

Blue bonnets

Blue bonnets

Noooooo!!!! Sold!??? @iheartbueno Dang it @davinahirsh did you get this too!? #warrenton #hectorstent #fundustrial #mexican
We were very upset that this sign was sold to our very white friend Davina! haha!
The scariest part of my day. #warrenton #treasurehunt #dolls #prettylittleliars @stashco @iheartbueno
Creepy Huh? I love looking through piles of junk.
I guess they really do have everything! What does one do with a coon wee wee? (Link in profile) #blogged #warrenton #texas #antiques #stashco @stashco @iheartbueno @jraphaelklein @pforde42
ummmm... about that..

Are y'all ready gang?!! #16days #costarica #countdown @kyllesebree @brinonners @thewuss
This got me excited about Costa Rica in two weeks!

The day ended up being one of my favorite Fridays in a long time. I love the people I was with and the adventure of the treasure hunt. Here are some of our Warrenton finds (click here to see Justin's find, and here to catch a sneak peek at the Stash finds). 

Treasures we found Blogged! #aroundourtown #warrenton #weekend
Brandi has been looking for some sheepskins to throw over her living room chairs ever since our friend/ interior expert, Andie suggested it. She even got a pretty sweet deal since she bought two!

My new home /// mucho mucho Bueno Bueno
Brandi bought this for my kitchen along with two southwestern style placemats. Thank you seester!!!
Photo borrowed from Stash Co Instagram

My new home /// mucho mucho Bueno Bueno

Then there was this huge find. I've been sleeping on a twin bed for God knows how long (I gave our little sister my full size bed a while back) and since getting the new house, I've been dreaming of a queen size bed. Never owned one before. While out in Warrenton, I was keeping an eye out for a cool frame or headboard, but strictly for inspiration. Well, just before we left, Justin and Brandi told me they saw something I needed to look at. It wasn't a 'headboard', but it could be. It was an old gate. We ended up walking right past it at the end of the day so I had to check it out. Long story short, none of my excuses for not taking it were out argued and we (and by we I mean Justin carried it all the way out to Cheryl and Paul's truck) walked off with it. While chatting with the man who previously owned this gate, we noticed he had an unusual buffalo tattoo on his forearm and Cheryl commented on it. He said his name was Buffalo Steve and he raised buffalo to set them free. Oh, and he also sells buffalo poop online at buffalopoop.com  in case you are ever in need. The whole buffalo thing was such a coincidence on so many levels... but that's another story for another day (buffalos are kind of 'my jam', spirit animal, whatever you want to call it). I can't want to buy a mattress now!

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we finally met.

meeting the girls

we finally met in person!

so after months and months of being blog friends, we all came to california to meet eachother! well actually kassi lives in laguna niguel..so we came and stayed with her and her amazing family for the weekend. kelly didn't get to come bc of work:(
i don't know about what they expected, but i knew i would love them in person.
kassi and lauren were exactly as i imagined but little danielle surprised me! she was funnier than her blog lets on. "ORANGELLO!"

i have to admit i totally thought that maybe i would be a bit much for them..maybe they would think i'm too vulgar or shocking but after this weekend. NOPE. 
* i even told them about meatloaf! woah!

we talked it over and decided we  all have to visit each others homes now.

anyway it was an amazing weekend and ill post our beach and rose bowl flea market pics soon! there are just too many amazing/fun photos to choose from:) i loved my weekend!!!