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So far this year has been nothing but change after change after change with few moments to catch a break.  Most of the changes have been fun (work, moving, friendships, travel, etc...) and challenging, while some have just sucked (the break up, not eating all the carbs this world has to offer, things not changing fast enough... ). I like to keep little reminders written down around me to help me keep my head up and stay positive through whatever changes occurs because sometimes even the good ones can knock you on your bum for a minute. Patti Smith's creative journey is something that has inspired me, so even though I posted this quote on IG this weekend, I thought it was powerful enough to share twice. I hope whatever changes or 'lucky and unlucky accidents' you come across, you embrace and conquer the adventure.


who sharted?!!!!

so last week liza was with me here in costa mesa staying with danielle and it was non stop action + hillarious moments.
i have a notebook that my friend natalie gave me for this trip specifically for QUOTES. isn't that awesome? well she made me a whole roadtrip package including:
1.notebook for quotes with pen
2.road trip bingo
3.would you rather books
4.why men fall asleep after sex- i have not read this yet. but ha!
5.gossip magazines
6.five amazing mix cds that have been on repeat (girl talk is prob my favorite cd)

 Just a couple moments/quotes from this trip i will not EVER forget
1.what we were doing-driving and listening to surfer blood.
b-"i cant sleep past 7am here i don't know why?"
pause. "this is surfer blood"
l- "oh. that's why you can't sleep? cuz you wanna surf? it's in your blood"
b-" bahahahaha no! the song we are listening to is surfer blood! hahaha yes liz i a such a surfer that it's in my blood causing me not to sleep! i love you!"

so many of our moments might just be funny to us and especially since you can't see our facial expresions or the way we say things but the funniest QUOTE on the trip was....

2. driving down PCH (pacific coast highway)
"I THINK I JUST SHARTED!!! Don't smell!" (rolls down window frantically)
i will not say who said this one, but it was a false alarm.  
so this is my friend dac. we went to highschool together and i hadn't seen him since we graduated but with facebook you kind of keep in touch. since i was in cali i contacted him and he invited us to the circus vargas. ..and it was a blast! so THANK YOU DAC! (we called our friend joe who dac hadn't talked to in like 5 years)
we got to meet his girlfriend ashley too. it's always refreshing when you see that your friends are happy.
this is the 10 dollar photo from the circus but i only had 5 dollars on me so they just took the backing with the circus part off. works for me!
took liza to the LAX airport yesterday...we were BEAT! 

Q. what else should we do while i'm here in costa mesa/ newport/ huntington beach? 

1500 adams ave #105 costa mesa, CA 92626 714-424-0922
come shop! and get your mop chopped:)