two things i love around my home...

yay its tuesday. that means i join in kassi's  fun with 2 things i love around my home post.
i try to do this every other tuesday:)

I (kelly) haven't been able to do the whole two things I love around my house because 
a. I don't have a house
b. I recently moved and I am surrounded by a chaotic whirlwind of clothing and art supplies
but I really wanted to join in with y'all this week.

I know these pictures aren't all that and bag of potato chips, but as of this moment I love...

my collection of maps
I have been doing a lot of traveling and driving and getting lost and rerouting so I have a few projects going on with maps right now. I'll post the finished product later :)

My Grandma's record player
She actually gave this to my brother a few years ago, but he is kind enough to let me hang on to it while I'm away from family. Now that I'm semi settled in Terrell, it's time to let my collection grow. Any recommendations? 

(This next photo has nothing to do with the two things i love post)

For Alan

p.s. long distance BLOWS

i love sketching and drawing on wood. i made this a few years ago and never knew where i wanted to hang it, so it just leaned against the fireplace.
last year we finally hung it up above the door frame going into our bathroom.
Jacob was a little upset bc he told me not to paint it and i did anyway. i think it's growing on him though. what do you think? should i have left it alone?

so last night was our 2 year wedding anniversary, and we wanted to camp out in the back yard since we weren't going on a trip..well the weather channel said it was suppose to snow...LIES!
so jacob and i made a tent around our bed using bamboo poles, rubber bands, sheets, christmas lights and blankets. i decided to make some clouds to make it seem like we were in a dream. it worked. and we totally didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I can't wait til lil ryder see's it today.

i had to share this with yall! kassi got one from jamie (inspired mess) and i freaked out! i wanted one so bad! so we decided to do a little swap a roo!
i adore it.
i hope to see you join in the fun too!
did anyone get their knick knack exchange gift yet?

happy tuesday everyone.