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The Bueno Oasis

The Bueno Oasis


The Bueno Oasis

The Bueno Oasis

The Bueno Oasis

The Bueno Oasis
Good Morning! I'm so stoked to finally share what I've been working on over the past two months. Since moving out to the country last year, I've felt like The Home Depot has been my home away from home, so teaming up with them to create an outdoor living space was perfect.

To create my own slice of paradise to enjoy and share with the awesome folks in my life.

Life in a city can be so fast and noisy. I want my home to be an oasis for me and anyone that makes the drive out. I don't want to take the stress and noise of the day home with me. When I'm home alone or entertaining friends and family, I want us all to feel relaxed, inspired, and loved. I'm a firm believer in calling things into existence (thank you Mom + Pops), so from the start, I decided to call this place, The Bueno Oasis. (you can see all our Bueno Oasis adventures using the hashtag #TheBuenoOasis on IG)

Things that make me happy. I love the way colors pop against the bleached out sand on the beach. With that in mind, I went to the Home Depot paint department and pulled 5 main colors and 3 sub colors that I committed to throughout the project. While pulling colors I was thinking about all the brightly colored chalky Tex-Mex walls I've come across on road trips, the saturated colors of my serapes, and bleached out colors in old beach towels & umbrellas.

WHAT I ADDED (words are linked below)///
2 Cinderblock Benches
Fresh paint jobs on planters, cinderblocks, stepping stones, picnic table, and porch table

This project is far from over, but I’ve reached a nice point where I can share it with you and enjoy it for myself. Stay tuned for more updates on these areas – fire pit, front porch and the GARDEN before the end of the summer. I can’t wait!!

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Brandi and I used these hashtags on Instagram. Check them out to see our process from the beginning. 
#TheBuenoOasis   |   #BuenoBuenoXHomeDepot   |   #VamosAhacerlo


best time of day.

 one of my favorites days is sunday. sunday's just feel good. especially this time of day when the sun is beaming in through the windows. little things like this make me happy. when i see this it brings me back to my childhood. twist and shout playing on the record player, cleaning with my parents while dancing around the house. windows open, sunshining, the smell of clean laundry...

today i want to clean while listening to my new playlist that i downloaded from urban outfitters, work in the garden and then go on a bike ride with jacob.

* we celebrated mothers day on friday. but HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mommies:)

what do you love about sundays?
 do you have a sunday routine?