how to make feather head bands


Hello friends! I am still in California, but will be back to Texas soon! We keep getting requests to do a how-to so i want to show y'all how to make a bueno bueno feather head band. Are you ready for a quick and easy how-to? 


how to make feather headbands
Here's what you need:
-denim strips- cut up your old jeans
leather cord- hobby lobby, michaels, your local craft store
-feathers- craft store, online, or off vintage hats at thrift stores. i like using different types of feathers.
-fabric scissors- fabric store
-hot glue gun- hobby lobby, michaels, your local craft store
glue feathers on  bigger denim strip
step 1: cut strips of denim. you need one thick strip. and one thinner strip.
step 2: glue feathers one by one on the thicker strip.
tip: before you apply glue arrange the feathers on the strip (just so you can see what it will look like)
glue feathers on

step 3: measure leather cord around your head to see how much you will need to cut. your safe if you wrap the cord around your head twice and cut.
step 4: glue leather cord to denim strip with feathers. (see above photo)
glue thin strip over leather
step 5: glue thinner strip over the leather cord for more support and also so the leather doesn't rub your head raw.
bueno bueno feather book mark

also a great book mark
BTW this makes the perfect book mark when you are not wearing it:) also keeps the feathers pressed nicely.
bueno bueno feather head band
Oh Demi, you are looking marvelous in your
bueno bueno head piece!
You don't have to wear your feather head band the way I wear it, this is just my favorite way, especially on a day when i don't have time to fix my hair. i just slap it on and instantly feel more put together.
See how it creates that little bump in the back of my head? I LOVE THAT!

rock the feathers!!!
I hope you enjoyed this easy BUENO BUENO D.I.Y. Let us know if you decide to make one because we want to see your masterpiece and how you wear it.

Q. is this something you would wear?