Hey guys! I just downloaded the blogger app to my phone. I'm here in Costa Rica on a surf adventure with my buddy Joe. We are taking tons of photos and videos so that we can put together a few special posts when we return. We have been here 5 days so far and I'm nowhere close to wanting to return. Hope you enjoy these shots. They are to encourage you to go on your own adventure, whatever that may be! 
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Is there anything specific you want to see more of on this trip? 

Happy Sunday everybody! 



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Good morning! I've been in Nashville, TN the past couple of days visiting my loves and getting into funny shenanigans. It has truly been the best trip. I return to Houston tomorrow evening just before Brandi heads out to Costa Rica for her birthday (WOO!). I've been asking myself for a few weeks now why we have this desire to travel? What do I value when I travel? Am I escaping or am I seeking? 

I think the conclusion I've reached is that getting out of town, even if it's just an hour away from home, is like filling up the gas tank for me. Or maybe it's more like adding more tools to my tool box. It feeds my drive and my hunger to get more out of life and be a better person. It's a funny challenge because while traveling we are stripped from most of our "things" and "stuff" and routines. We talk to new people, share with old friends, we face new experiences and if we take the time to reflect, we may discover something new about ourselves. For me it's not an escape. I love my life. For me, it's about feeding/fueling the fire.

Are you escaping or seeking? Where is your next adventure we'd love to hear of some new places.


Trail Therapy from on Vimeo.

One of my favorite blog's to read is Indoek Log, I always walk away feeling inspired. This morning I woke up, walked to Black Hole for some coffee and immediately clicked over to Indoek because I wanted to see if there were any new video's up. This is when I found Steve's story. Yes I cried. I cried because what he is doing is so powerful and he is so driven and I wish I was doing more with my life. If we were all spreading Love just think about how much better this world would be, we wouldn't even have to walk 34,000 miles to do this... even if it was in our own community.  Stories like this are a good slap in the face to get some perspective. Thank You Steve for sharing your story with the world and Thank You Matt and Drew for all the inspiration that pours out of Indoek.

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