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Click HERE to see how I ripped up a  (Lonnie's) T-Shirt. Oops! HA!

Like my Scissors? They were one of my Valentines Day Gifts from Jacob. He got them at Spartan.
You will also need some good tunes for more inspiration. I also got to see them last week at SXSW!
You can see here that I mostly used the ripped up teeshirt to wrap around the embroidery hoop, and also some white leather cord. Start with a knot then glue the t-shirt to the hoop little by little so that the glue doesn't cool before you get there.
I glued the feathers to the ends and wrapped the t-shirt around the top of feather. Then I wrapped the textured string/yarn around the t-shirt for looks. And the horse... well why not? He's cute! Now I am going to add way more hanging t-shirt strips and feathers to this one. I will instagram it later (LisenbeSquared). Ok it's later now here are my additions...


DIY on the blog! I added seashells, feathers, teeth, and a gold fish #dreamcatcher #DIY
seashells, feathers, teeth, more t-shirt strands, and a gold fish made me satisfied....for now.



One of my favorite friends Kassi made me this colorful dream catcher for Christmas. I absolutely love it. She is like the most creative person I know. And with her own unique style. You can spot a Kassi original easily. Anyway I wish she would start blogging again. (Ahem!)

Here are some more cute DreamCatcher DIY's:
Jill from Lune Vintage is another friend who is always making rad stuff. CLICK HERE for Tutorial.

Hope you all were inspired to go off and make something even if it's not a dream catcher!



Foam Magazine

Check out my guest post over at  Foam blog and read about my favorite spots in North Kohala. I was super pumped to have this opportunity since FOAM MAGAZINE is one of my favorite magazines. If you haven't checked out this magazine or blog you are missing out!

This is also a great gift idea...the gift that keeps giving. I know I get excited when my Foam comes in.
6 issues for $14.99

2 things (5 things) i love around my home.

hello friends. today is one of my favorite post days because i get to hop on the two things i love around my home inspired by kassi from bacwoods fern. don't you just love peeking into someones home even for a bit. you can see your friends decor style, the colors in their home, their organization skillz.
as you can see in the mirror photos my room is a mess. this is before the bed was made:( oops.
my photos are too large so they cut off a bit. sorry.

1.mirror: west elm (i wanted white but it was sold out!) im now happy with black.
i had a friend that worked there and i got it his discount (still 100 bucks.) so worth it.
2. heart garland: i made a bunch of these last year. they are in my salon and at home:)
magazine cut outs sewn together.
3. guitar lamp- my aunt got this for us for christmas. i love how the room is lit with this.
 4. i framed kellys illustration- i love my wall even more now.
this is a reminder to make more feather headbands bc i always sell out.
this print is now available in our etsy shop.
 ok one more thing, kassi and i had a gift swap and this is what she made me. i am totally obsessed!
i was seriously so excited when i opened my gift which was packaged in magazine pages! love it!
packages in the mail are the best! when i see a package i want to explode on the inside.
5. i love all things made my kassi around my home. i seriously got teary eyed beacuse she made all this for me! she put so much thought and effort and it really made me feel special. the fabric she used is her grandmas vintage, i mean it doesnt get better than that! don't you love her drawings!? lovin the butt crack bc we all know that happens with our bikini bottoms. oh i also use the sunglass case for my check book!

Kassi, Danielle( dino toes), Lauren, and I all have a date today on I Chat! im so excited! do yall have i-chat or skype account? if so whats yalls screen names? mine is Brandi Lisenbe.
check out laurens giveaway!

leave me a link of your home, or your flickr, or just tell me what your favorite things around your home are. is your house messy or clean today?
have a great tuesday everybody!