SFP Starting 2010 off with GREAT WINE!

I posted this song because I dedicate it to my SFP group! I love you guys! Also for your enjoyment while you look at the photos. I love Yeah Yeah Yeahs and i love this acoustic version of maps.

Bye Bye 2009 you were a great year but Im excited for what's to come!

After a long night of singing karaoke, dancing, and goofing off with SFP.....
we woke up
goofed around some more
ate breakfast (french toast, biscuits, gravy, eggs, croissants, coffee) IT WAS NOT FREE:(
hydrated ourselves with lots of water!
crawled in the van and headed to the wine country!

No one got enough sleep the night before so we all crashed on the way to Grape Creek.

First Winery Grape Creek Vineyard.

Yes, Kelly is wearing the same outfit bc she forgot to pack normal clothes...she only had costumes. HA!
Let the wine tasting begin!

After the tasting we bought some bottles of wine, cheese, and bread crackers.

sharing is caring.

He likes my nose.

some more cheese.


wine makes Ginny sleepy.

Yes they did. then Kristen got stuck in the tree!
Jacob saved them out of the tree!

Next winery....  I forgot the name? we took a sophisticated shot.

We ate some yummy black eyed peas! They also had live music!

On our long ride back to the hotel we passed by pretty lights. Magical.

The New Years SFP trip was a success! This was our 2nd "official" trip.
I wonder what our next trip will be? Ski trip, Surf Trip, what???
Are you wondering what SFP is?
Now I gotta get back to unpacking, cleaning, organizing, scheduling, and i need to go on a run!
getting thin in 2010!
Tonight Jacob is gonna cook a healthy meal and we are gonna drink some of our new wine with Grandma and write our New Years Resolutions!!! I love doing this! Ill post them later this week:)