1 // Real Brandi
2 // F2 Brandi
3 // P5 Brandi
4 // T1 Brandi
5 // M3 Brandi
6 // G3 Brandi

Some people stick with one Filter on Instagram so they get that consistent overall look, we do not. We like using different filters depending on the photo. This is how we roll in a lot of areas of life. I mean look at my lips, I couldn't decide on a color so I wore two different colors. We definitely need variety. These are 6 filters that we use often, we also play with the exposure, saturation, and other edits.

*Kelly also uses C2 and S2 are extras that she purchased.

What are your favorite filters?

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Woah! This post was in Draft since October 2012, I don't know how I missed this one but it reminded me to bring back the Instgram Fun Posts for little recaps and more description. Hope you enjoy! Oh I also wrote everyones instagram names on here so you can follow these rad folks! Do you have instagram? If you are following us what would you like us to post more of?

We used to work at #abercrombieandfitch together a LONG time ago in Colorado. @erinmayshed #reunitedincalifornia #funfactfriday
Erin and Rowan came out to Grandview Beach to hang out. Erin and I go way back from our A&F days in Colorado /// @Erinmayshed
I wish we had a @haggos here in Texas #haggostaco #organic #californiadreams #jacquecousteau #wesanderson
Haggo's Best Fish Taco's in Encinita's! Probably the coolest decor as well! Everything is Wes Anderson themed.  (SEE FULL POST)
By the end of our hang Ry was ok with walking on the sand:) @kelli_murray #californiadreams #grandviewbeach #lisenbesincalifornia
Finally got to meet Kelli Murray and Ry in person. They came out to the beach on my last day in Encinitas and I am so glad. We have known eachother online (blog/insta friends) for a couple years now/// @KelliMurray
Two new posts on the blog #californiadreams #outtakes #beaconsbeach #encinitas #beachbums
Me, Jacob, and Haley loving life! /// @HeySebree (SEE FULL POST HERE)
Shake ya A$$ but watch ya self  @brittblain @soscarlett @kyllesebree @kyllesebree @preciouslim @dominickalonso #goodtimes #californiadreams #danceparty
Dance Party at Britt, Scar, and Precious House. They had the most amazing backyard/// @SoScarlett @Brittblain @Preciouslim
Outdoor showers are kinda our thing
Jacob loves his outdoor showers and his Jack Black products! @JacobLisenbe
Has anyone seen @kyllesebree ? #californiadreams #lisenbesincalifornia #grandviewbeach #surfboard #surfing
Where's Waldo Kylle? /// @KylleSebree
Almost done, I love this book, cried a lot, laughed a bit, felt a lot. #theperksofbeingawallflower
YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. I loved it. I cried, laughed and felt a lot!
California Cruisin' @Brinonners #californiadreams #vinylcruiser #sunlight #beachhair #skateordie
Pretty little Brinonners cruisin around the hot pavement streets of California/// @Brinonners
Super excited for Jacob to get here tomorrow! #9hours #californiadreams #lisenbesincalifornia
yay for blue Zinca!
Teach us how to pose @thewuss #sororitypose @kyllesebree #joshibarra
Russel teaches the guys how to pose like a ___________. /// @TheWuss

Yoga on the Beach with this guy who doesn't have Instagram #joshibarra #californiadreams
Josh doing yoga on the beach. #JoshIbarra
Oh Elliot I have missed you buddy! @kyllesebree #homeawayfromhome #californiadreams #ilovethesebrees
Oh Elliot! So smelliot! I miss him so much.
I knew it!! @thewuss @brinonners #californiadreams #powercouple #pipes
We all agreed it was a God thing that we finally got to meet and spend time getting to know eachother. With Brianna and Russell's crazy traveling schedules it was crazy that they had a week that they were both home the same week we came to visit. Loved them immediately. Instagram friends now real life freinds!
My bud @Dominickalonso #californiadreams #ourfirstadoption
Dom Dom Dom Dom. We talked about meeting up awhile back to have a dance party when I got to California and danced we did! Remember we blogged about him awhile ago? Check it out This guy is mad talented. #ourfirstadoption /// @Dominickalonso
Such a beautiful day!
This is where we stayed with our close friends Kylle and Haley. Being with them just feels like Home.
Some of the best times and conversations happened in this house. Isn't it perfect?
Can't wait to give this my favorite little surfer girl #finleygirl @natalieupton #surfysurfy
I bought this book for my little surfer girl Finley at Surfy Surfy. I was super excited because she can collect these.

INSTAGRAM FUN: Coast to Coast Challenges

Bundled up for a stroll around town with @lisenbesquare #coasttocoastchallenge #fur (sweater from @lulus, fur hood thrifted)
Every Monday and Wednesday night Coast to Coast Central (c2c_central) will post the next days challenge for you and your wardrobe. Kelly and I have had a lot of fun with it so far, and it totally solves that problem when we don't have a clue what to wear!

So if your up for the challenge join us in the fun! Follow @C2C_CENTRAL on instagram
and CLICK on over to their blog for some inspiration! Kelly and I were featured as Instagram Inspiration for Tuesdays #FUR challenge right HERE. Not gonna lie we blushed a little.

Got gas? #lisenberoadtrip

Today's #coasttocoastchallenge adding fake #fur to my wardrobe. #vintage @c2c_central

Today's #coasttocoastchallenge #blackout #zara #hurley #fringeankleboots @c2c_central
#BLACKOUT This challenge really made me look like a hairstylist. When I didn't have my own salon I worked for a place where we could only wear black for 6 months then the next 6 months only white.

I almost forgot about today's #coasttocoastchallenge #leatherpouch #fossil this was a gift from my twin @iheartbueno
#LEATHER my little leather pouch that Kelly got me from fossil. They never made this prototype and I am kind of glad I'm the only one that has it:)

Wearing my boyfrans (husbands) bow tie at work today @c2c_central @doordyetx #coasttocoastchallenge #coast2coastchallenge
#BORROWEDFROMTHEBOYS I wore one of Jacob's bowties, this challenge wasn't uncommon for me since I tend to borrow Jacobs shirts and accessories all the time.

Pow! Joining the @c2c_central challenge #color #colorwheel #coasttocoastchallenge
#COLORWHEEL #COLORCONTRAST When I was younger I aways looked like a rainbow so I just channeled 6 year old Brandi for the inspo.

Prepared with double layers for a day at the #stashfactory @stashco  (#coasttocoastchallenge @c2c_central )
Today's Challenge is #LAVISHLAYERS , Kelly pretty much nailed it.  I haven't got dressed for the day yet, I'm still waiting for Jacob to get back home with the coffee. I will be posting later on Instagram.

Isn't this fun? I love looking at the hashtag #coasttocoastchallege to see what everyone else is wearing!

@LisenbeSquared - Jacob and Brandi
@iheartbueno - Kelly