INSTAGRAM FUN: Coast to Coast Challenges

Bundled up for a stroll around town with @lisenbesquare #coasttocoastchallenge #fur (sweater from @lulus, fur hood thrifted)
Every Monday and Wednesday night Coast to Coast Central (c2c_central) will post the next days challenge for you and your wardrobe. Kelly and I have had a lot of fun with it so far, and it totally solves that problem when we don't have a clue what to wear!

So if your up for the challenge join us in the fun! Follow @C2C_CENTRAL on instagram
and CLICK on over to their blog for some inspiration! Kelly and I were featured as Instagram Inspiration for Tuesdays #FUR challenge right HERE. Not gonna lie we blushed a little.

Got gas? #lisenberoadtrip

Today's #coasttocoastchallenge adding fake #fur to my wardrobe. #vintage @c2c_central

Today's #coasttocoastchallenge #blackout #zara #hurley #fringeankleboots @c2c_central
#BLACKOUT This challenge really made me look like a hairstylist. When I didn't have my own salon I worked for a place where we could only wear black for 6 months then the next 6 months only white.

I almost forgot about today's #coasttocoastchallenge #leatherpouch #fossil this was a gift from my twin @iheartbueno
#LEATHER my little leather pouch that Kelly got me from fossil. They never made this prototype and I am kind of glad I'm the only one that has it:)

Wearing my boyfrans (husbands) bow tie at work today @c2c_central @doordyetx #coasttocoastchallenge #coast2coastchallenge
#BORROWEDFROMTHEBOYS I wore one of Jacob's bowties, this challenge wasn't uncommon for me since I tend to borrow Jacobs shirts and accessories all the time.

Pow! Joining the @c2c_central challenge #color #colorwheel #coasttocoastchallenge
#COLORWHEEL #COLORCONTRAST When I was younger I aways looked like a rainbow so I just channeled 6 year old Brandi for the inspo.

Prepared with double layers for a day at the #stashfactory @stashco  (#coasttocoastchallenge @c2c_central )
Today's Challenge is #LAVISHLAYERS , Kelly pretty much nailed it.  I haven't got dressed for the day yet, I'm still waiting for Jacob to get back home with the coffee. I will be posting later on Instagram.

Isn't this fun? I love looking at the hashtag #coasttocoastchallege to see what everyone else is wearing!

@LisenbeSquared - Jacob and Brandi
@iheartbueno - Kelly