Kelly had to go to a shower this weekend in Lubbock Texas so Joe and I came along to keep her company. We also got to hang out with the gorgeous Jenny from Cast & Crew for a bit! Don't worry none of us missed Beyonce's Half time show! We all made sure we were around a TV for that. AMAZING as always!

We finally got home late last night. Total hours in the car from Sat- Mon  20+ Hours. How we survived... well lots of dancing, story telling, and frequent stops like DAIRY QUEEN! The mini Blizzard is such a treat! We learned that Joseph and I can't tell a story to save our life, Kelly was the only one who could run through a movie from start to finish and it make any sense.
Until we meet again! @jonacat @iheartbueno #mmbbroadtrip #lubbock #texas #pancakehouse #jennyisasupermodel 
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Heading Out West

on the road
Adios folks! I'm going on the road again, but this time it's a long nine hour haul to little ol' Lubbock, TX to have a dance off with this little lady (photo below).
Me and Amanda do the Bernie
Me and Amanda do it like Bernie.
There will be a dance off, but making a new video for her tunes is the real reason for heading out west. Check out her last video below, created by Erica Shires. I haven't been to Lubbock in a while, so I am completely stoked about this trip. Escaping the humidity, sifting through untouched thrift stores, old friends, the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever see, boots, and the smell of cow in the wind... Howdy.