Kelly had to go to a shower this weekend in Lubbock Texas so Joe and I came along to keep her company. We also got to hang out with the gorgeous Jenny from Cast & Crew for a bit! Don't worry none of us missed Beyonce's Half time show! We all made sure we were around a TV for that. AMAZING as always!

We finally got home late last night. Total hours in the car from Sat- Mon  20+ Hours. How we survived... well lots of dancing, story telling, and frequent stops like DAIRY QUEEN! The mini Blizzard is such a treat! We learned that Joseph and I can't tell a story to save our life, Kelly was the only one who could run through a movie from start to finish and it make any sense.
Until we meet again! @jonacat @iheartbueno #mmbbroadtrip #lubbock #texas #pancakehouse #jennyisasupermodel 
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