I started up at Washington Gym in November and signed a 3 month contract for 3 days a week. I wanted to start somewhere that wasn't just a regular gym, I needed a place that was encouraging and a place where I could just go and and be instructed on what to do and do it in correct form all while having fun! I still can't run because of my ankle so these workouts are also providing my cardio which is KEY!

Good Morning! @washingtongym @ashley0bbtron #workingonmyfitness
On day 1 they took my measurements so that at the end of three months I can see my progress.
Lets just say I was bummed on that first day. My Body Fat content was a lot higher than I thought  it would be. 29.76% !!!!! Way too high!!! When my three months is up I will post all my measurements for accountability. I was 126 lbs on 11/8/12 and today I am 121.

My problem areas are my tummy, love handles, and thighs! This is all going to take more than just working out for me. I have to eat right to demolish these areas. Most of the time eating healthy is not a problem, it's the road trips, vacations, working long hours, birthday parties, and social events that throw me off. French Fries, Chips and Queso, Ice Cream, Carbs and Alcohol are all things I enjoy very much.
Who am I kidding, they will never be completely out of my life so I just have to learn portion control and maybe allow it only 1-2 days a week.



After a big bang to my head I'm not going to help out with anyone elses board.  #brandiandrannienicaraguanadventure #chicabrava  @chrisrann @shelbymons #surfcamp #letsgotosurfcamp #letsgosurfing #sanjuandelsur #nicaragua

Always a challenge for me....DRINKING WATER!
More Activities that will help me on my Fit Journey.
Add Yoga to my week
Go Dancing more (Kelly and I will be going Country dancing more this year!)
Go to the Rock Gym
Go to The Trampoline Gym
Surf when I can (Costa Rica in April!!) I miss Chica Brava!
Ride my bike
P90x on days I don't go to gym
Take a Hiking Trip
Take walks/longboard after Dinner

Blogs to check out if you want motivation to be fit and yummy healthy recipes to try out:
ROXY - I really love the videos and just looking at a roxy girl motivates me.
Adventures with Veggies- If you are vegetarian,vegan or raw this is up your alley!
Greetings from Nolandia- Alexandria and Terrance have rockin bods and they share their recipes.

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Shaking that h2o out of my ears! #nicaragua #sanjuandelsur #hermosa #brandiandrannienicaraguanadventure