YOUNG LOVE MAD STYLE: Daniel & Tegan Klenner

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Our names are Daniel & Tegan Klenner, we live in a cute little apartment in Vancouver, BC, Canada! Dan is a musician, currently playing guitar in the band Hey Ocean, and drumming whenever he gets the chance! I (Tegan) do Kalos (a business I have with Bethany and my sister Lindsay!) and blog over at T&T. 

Our favorite thing to do together totally depends on the season. In winter it's red wine, chocolate, and a movie or tv series. Summer is adventures! Beach, day trips to the lake, and drive in movies! Our  anytime favorite thing to do is grab a coffee and go thrifting, we could do that for days, and sometimes we do!

Dan & I met through mutual friends, the first time we hung out, my sister and I were playing at a cafe and she thought it would be great to get her friend Dan to drum for us, we totally hit it off and have been best friends ever since! a year later we were married and have been for 2 1/2 years now.

Our favorite place to shop for clothes <> thrift stores, H&M, Asos

Our favorite things about each other <> Dan says my face, I say his voice.

Currently jamming <> The Middle East, Sister BrotherRobert Glasper, Void, Ellie Goulding.

Fun fact <> Dan wants to be a remote control champion (helicopters, planes, cars) also, whenever we get the chance we love to play music together as The Klenners.

Instagram <> TeganMarguerite