WANTED /// Tahoe

Jacob and I are headed to Tahoe with friends to celebrate the New Year and since I pretty much got rid of all my snow gear this girl needs to go shopping! I've lived in Colorado twice and since then all I have wanted to do is go on beach vacations... until recently.... Jacob is super happy about this since he is a snowboarder. I don't know what I'm going to do though? Snowboard or try something different and learn to Ski, I haven't skied since I was in elementary! I am all for letting everyone go off and have fun while I take a ski lesson. What I am most excited about is snow, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling up by a fire with our friends. I HATE being cold so I picked out some goodies to make sure this tush stays warm and cozy! If you have any recommendations on brands let me know! 




Where do I start? Today I should have packed for India but instead I had coffee with friends,went to Madewell, checked emails, worked on Bueno, made a little video recap of our first Hair To Class, played with Zeyk and hung out with my mom. I did however get some compression sac's for packing, and I am currently taking my online continuing education because my cosmetology license is soon to expire. So it was semi productive day and it's not over yet. 

I'm not sure what kind of service I will have over in India but I know we have to get our phones unlocked before we leave. Maybe I will blog, maybe I won't. So many things, so little time. I am super excited to experience India and be totally shocked in the best way possible. I've had a lot of different reactions when I tell people I'm going and most of them are positive. I just don't understand why some people are so negative and feel the need to bash a place just because. Let's all be open minded and embrace as much as we can. My goal is to get out of my comfort zone and see how other cultures live. 

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Top /// Denim /// Shoes /// Sunnies

Today is one of those days that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I did nothing right. I didn't talk to God. I've been slacking on every day life and it's all coming down hard. I feel like my to-do list is never ending and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have 15, 014 emails to respond to, no exaggeration, I wish it was. I have 55 text messages from clients that I need to book appointments for, I haven't worked out in 3 weeks because I rolled my ankle again, I have piles of laundry from my Costa Rica trip that I have been putting off because I just pack different clothes and have been on 3 trips since Aug 1. My guest room has become a place where I just pile up stuff to donate, our office looks chaotic like a tornado hit it, I just need our house in order and I feel like I can't ever catch up. There is always something going on. An event, party or get together I've committed to. I need to stop over committing period. I wish I could just shake it off and I kinda have to because my day at the salon starts in less than an hour and I have to be ON. I'm sorry that this is a negative post but I had to vent and honestly I already feel better. It might have to do with the fact that Monica's Don't Take it Personal is playing through the speakers. Thank you for allowing me this place to vent. Sometimes it just feels good. 

Do you feel like you over commit to things and don't have time for your own life?
How do you get back into your daily Routine when you come back from travel?