WANTED /// Tahoe

Jacob and I are headed to Tahoe with friends to celebrate the New Year and since I pretty much got rid of all my snow gear this girl needs to go shopping! I've lived in Colorado twice and since then all I have wanted to do is go on beach vacations... until recently.... Jacob is super happy about this since he is a snowboarder. I don't know what I'm going to do though? Snowboard or try something different and learn to Ski, I haven't skied since I was in elementary! I am all for letting everyone go off and have fun while I take a ski lesson. What I am most excited about is snow, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling up by a fire with our friends. I HATE being cold so I picked out some goodies to make sure this tush stays warm and cozy! If you have any recommendations on brands let me know! 

FALL MUST HAVES /// Madewell

The '90s are back. Old trends always trickle back in and we are completely stoked about revisiting this decade. The music, the crying over ex boyfriends, the grunge, combat boots, John Lennon glasses, tube socks, flannel (oh God, the flannel) around the waist, dark lipstick, dirty hair, grandpa sweaters, oh how we love it all... What were your favorite details of the '90s? I mean, other than rollerblades and TLC.