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Kelly Bueno
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Hello friends, I've missed you.

I know Brandi already spilled the beans on IG, but I'm excited to officially announce, I'm moving back to Nashville, TN! I will be splitting my time between a traveling gig with my best pal and designing/making for The Bueno Shop. I made the decision to move at the end of October 2014 and I've spent the following three months crushing out the details and moving a lot of heavy boxes. Of course it's terrifying to leave a comfortable bubble, but it's way more exciting to explore the unknown and take on new challenges. I'm incredibly thankful and feel so fortunate to have a family and group of friends fully supporting my new adventure.

Our blog content will shift a little, as our lives have, but our core will remain the same with surfy sundays, travel, fashion, adventure and shop updates. Our main focus will be The Bueno Shop. We've had the shop for a few years as a side gig and we could not be more stoked to finally have the time to make it our primary focus.

Cheers to growth!

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NASHVILLE, TN /// Parlour & Juke


521 8th Ave South Suite 302
NashvilleTN 37203

This past weekend, I finally got my butt over to Parlour & Juke salon and barber shop. What an experience! My best pal has been with Owner/Stylist Cali Devaney since before this dream became a reality, so I've been hearing about it's greatness for some time now. Being the hair junky that I am, I've been dying to see Cali in action and check out the rad salon I've heard so much about. It was perfect. They also carry a few of my favorite product lines, including Kevin Murphy and Oribe. The staff, the vibe, the tunes, the design, the work... everything down to the smallest detail made this environment an experience. 
Note: A few P&J stylists book out months in advance, so do your research and plan your appointments accordingly :)

What salon in your city do you always recommend? What makes that experience a good one? We'd love to check it out next time we visit.



First day back from Nashville, TN and I miss the heck out of it. I love collecting songs on Spotify while I'm on trips/adventures because it helps mark the memory. Takes me right back to that moment (i.e. Ryan Adams was playing on the stereo while Amanda was teaching me to drive standard in a parking lot for the first time. Harder Now That's It's Over came on when I made it to third gear. Minor victory). For me, it's just as important as the photographs I bring back. These are all the songs Amanda and I jammed on repeat while I was in Nashville the past few days. 
See photos from #thenashvegasadventures via @iheartbueno