bueno bueno vintage



So this is sara (also a red head) and she wore this at one of our fashion shows back in the day when i used to silk screen vintage. my friend darine and i used to trade vintage pieces all the time and i believe she was the one that swaped with me! she ended up with this totally rad acid wash denim dress...why did i give it up? well because i couldn't breathe in it and darine is super tiny! plus i wanted that ivory number! isn't darine the cutest down there in that rockin denim dress!? go read her blog if you want the scoop on her fab life in NY.
anyway that fashion show was like 5 years ago....and in Houston. and today i was looking through BUST magazine and boom i spotted my bueno bueno silk screened dress in a salon ad for fringe but not immediately i was looking at it bc it was a salon ad in new york and i was wondering if that is where my friend rannie goes now and then i looked at what the girl was wearing and i was like NO FRIGGIN WAY! crazy huh? it made it's way up to NEWYORK and got a new black print added to it. I love how this dress keeps making new friends!  i would love to know how they got that dress??

do you ever have swap's with your friends? and has anyone ever been to Fringe salon in new york?

sunshine. longboard. vintage. music

get outside! catch some rays! wear spf though! get some excercise! jam to your top 5!
hands on the board
copper bangles-thrifted
pearl ring- thrifted
owl ring- gift from g-ma (urban outfitters)
coconut pinky ring- from my love
longboard- arbor <3
no looking back
leather vest (sasson)-thrifted very favorite vest, i've had it forever and it never gets old!
tube top- lux
terry cloth skirt- american apparel
high tops- converse
things are looking bright

bueno bueno

lets go

what am i listening/dancing to?
golden years-
rebel rebel
40 day dream-
electric feel-
neff earphones- i wanted these for a long time when they were full price...but i waited and got them for $9.99!!!
my sweet jacob.
vintage tee
shades- o'neil (got them from spy) thanks chloe!

BAHAHAHA! this photo makes me laugh so hard! this is the typical face we make right when stepping outside in humidity. (totally caught him off guard)

1. what's your favorite item of clothing (in your closet)?and how long have you had it?
2. what songs are making you shake your tush lately?
top 5