thrift finds

sunshine. longboard. vintage. music

get outside! catch some rays! wear spf though! get some excercise! jam to your top 5!
hands on the board
copper bangles-thrifted
pearl ring- thrifted
owl ring- gift from g-ma (urban outfitters)
coconut pinky ring- from my love
longboard- arbor <3
no looking back
leather vest (sasson)-thrifted very favorite vest, i've had it forever and it never gets old!
tube top- lux
terry cloth skirt- american apparel
high tops- converse
things are looking bright

bueno bueno

lets go

what am i listening/dancing to?
golden years-
rebel rebel
40 day dream-
electric feel-
neff earphones- i wanted these for a long time when they were full price...but i waited and got them for $9.99!!!
my sweet jacob.
vintage tee
shades- o'neil (got them from spy) thanks chloe!

BAHAHAHA! this photo makes me laugh so hard! this is the typical face we make right when stepping outside in humidity. (totally caught him off guard)

1. what's your favorite item of clothing (in your closet)?and how long have you had it?
2. what songs are making you shake your tush lately?
top 5

Sunchild Salon.

This is where I spend a lot of time. If I'm not on vacation this is where you can find me.

Who: Brandi Lisenbe
What i do : Hair, Hair Accessories, Design, Decorate, Create
Where: Sunchild Salon, the sunchild, my salon.
 located in the Montrose area in Houston, Texas.
When: the beauty of working for yourself is you get to make your own schedule! I try to be as flexible as possible to get all my clients in.  We usually take a trip once a month to get away and get inspired.
Why: who wouldn't want to create, color, play with hair and talk to your friends all day!? I am blessed to have amazing clients, and amazing hairstylist friends to work with. I love making people feel like a million bucks just by cutting, coloring, or styling their mop! When your hair looks good, you feel good. 

Twitter: loves2longboard

my happy place.

 vintage hair dryers. vintage chair. crosley record player. vintage suitcase. ikea shelves. new and old vinyl. yarn pom pom flowers. old frame. old cabinet door.

product bar.

my hair tray.

help yourself to a drink.

dress: magazine cut outs, 71's flyer for show this saturday, toms bookmark.

pretty pink tree.


P.S. if you are wondering why none of the blogs are ending in K this week, shes out of town on a road trip. lucky.

eating healthy, working out, thrift finds & label making..

Jacob made me a yummy breakfast like always.
thrifted fish plate (i have 4) and orange coffee mug.

My Challenge to myself is to work out at least 30 min a day. My body deserves that!

   Thanks to MARIMETHOD I will not be making these faces during my workout. I will not be confused because everything is explained on the site, videos, recipes, fill out my food journal. NO COUNTING CALORIES! YAY! ITS FUN!
this works for me because you can do it at home.

* i listened to my own mellow mix while watching the video and doing the excercises.
*turn off your cell phone and don't think about anything else. You should try it. What have you got to lose? hahaha. lose. get it?

my thrift finds with James.

I was just saying how I loved these books as a child and then i found one. I was so excited I read it to Jacob last night before we went to bed. Didn't you love to read to the class when you were young? POPCORN reading! Remember that?

I had to get this book because the illustrations are so beautiful & the pages smell Amazing.

Now Kelly and I can finish organizing our craft room. We started labeling everything. ITS SO ADDICTING!

We ended up using this tower for our project pieces.
top: super small file folders
middle: fabric
bottom: toys
I bet you wanna know what we are doing with these....