Sunchild Salon.

This is where I spend a lot of time. If I'm not on vacation this is where you can find me.

Who: Brandi Lisenbe
What i do : Hair, Hair Accessories, Design, Decorate, Create
Where: Sunchild Salon, the sunchild, my salon.
 located in the Montrose area in Houston, Texas.
When: the beauty of working for yourself is you get to make your own schedule! I try to be as flexible as possible to get all my clients in.  We usually take a trip once a month to get away and get inspired.
Why: who wouldn't want to create, color, play with hair and talk to your friends all day!? I am blessed to have amazing clients, and amazing hairstylist friends to work with. I love making people feel like a million bucks just by cutting, coloring, or styling their mop! When your hair looks good, you feel good. 

Twitter: loves2longboard

my happy place.

 vintage hair dryers. vintage chair. crosley record player. vintage suitcase. ikea shelves. new and old vinyl. yarn pom pom flowers. old frame. old cabinet door.

product bar.

my hair tray.

help yourself to a drink.

dress: magazine cut outs, 71's flyer for show this saturday, toms bookmark.

pretty pink tree.


P.S. if you are wondering why none of the blogs are ending in K this week, shes out of town on a road trip. lucky.