FIX YO MOP /// Festival Ready


Allie loves going to  music festivals with her husband, especially if they get to camp out. We decided to show you how to step up your festival game by showing you a couple of ways to wear your mop. These styles will last throughout the festival and work perfectly with clean or dirty hair.

To achieve this festival season hair all you need is ///
Moroccan Oil Hairspray
Large tooth texture comb
Bobby Pins

Start with the Anti Gravity and spray evenly, holding it 8-10 inches away.
Rough dry hair.
Spray HairResort all over ends.
Curl stick hair.
Start teasing the hair all over with the large tooth comb.
Part hair down the middle and smooth out hair on the top of the head.
Hairspray while your smoothing top.
Start deciding where you want to pin your bobby's and secure hair.

*Last photo is an extra step, take teased ends and wrap a piece of hair around the bunch and hairspray to secure it. bobby pin that if you want that extra security.

All the Products and Tools are available at Do or Dye Tx


style post: coachella

so at coachella i couldn't stop people watching...lace, leather, denim, flowers, feathers and onsies  galore!
what would you have packed for coachella? swimsuit? dress? would you have gone all out?

always a fan of feather tattoo's...they even had this print at urban outfitters.
love the hats...and the colored zippers  around the rim!
when i saw the kid in the middle i almost had a heat stroke! i mean seriously it was HOT outside!
fanny pack's! i am 100% all for the fanny! this group of friends was too cute!
i totally agree with wearing neon at festivals, it's easier for your friends to spot you in a crowd.
hat-yes, shades- yes, TOMS- YES!
see you can bare a lil without looking horrid. these two are cuties. love her purse! i had a similar one that was stolen:(

lovin that denim dress.
lovin her denim jumper too:)
tye dye
that tattoo is all kinds of wonderful!
when i first saw her she was wearing her suede a sucker for vests...isn't she adorable?
LOVE! i would totally wear this.
i saw a lot of lace..
loved her hair and nail polish.
brenda walsh would of wore this but guess what...this girl looked cuter:)
awesome! love the stripes, the bags, the head wrap and the slip ons!
really? could life be any better for him. GREAT HAIR! im jealous.
love the whole outfit!
water bottle holder
can someone make me this water bottle bag? PLEASE!
i only like the shirt and the shoes...and the hair! guess who? blake mycoskie of TOMS. thanks lydia for confirming it.
paint or pasties?
hee hee
floppy hat, moms vintage purse= smart girl


click on any of the photo's to take you to my flickr page. (more photo's from coachella)

did you enjoy this style post? do you wanna check out coachella next year? were you there this year?

bands i loved at coachella.

i just wanted to share some of the amazing bands i saw at coachella this year, i can't post them all but i can post the ones that i was close enough to we go...
blowing a kiss
she and him

 she & him was a fun show except the whole time i heard " oh my god she is so cute" "look at her dance" "i want to be her"
"she's cute, im cute" "i'm going to copy what she does on stage" "am i dancing like her" "look at her jump up and down" i even heard the chic squeal...i wanted to turn around and slap the girl and tell her "SHUT UP WEIRDO!!!"is that mean? bc she was annoying the heck out of me! gee!
edward sharpe
edward and jade
edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros was the BOMB! the mic stand fell over and hit a guy in the crowd on the head so edward took off his shirt and wrapped it oh the guy's head to stop the blood!  i had a blast and i would go as far as saying that was my favorite show at coachella! i danced and sang the whole time...but the crowd was super fun and the vibe was out of this world. if you haven't been to a show, or even listened to this band check them out! when THIS SONG came on the crowd went crazy! and let me just say jade is adorable! she even crowd surfed!
love for music
they made these amazing balloon streamers all the way across the festival, by the end of the night there was many many of beautiful!

right before this show started a girl was carried off bc she was seizing. scary! the show was awesome! and her voice AMAZING! listen here to florence and the machine
mute math show
mute math
yes we were pretty much drenched with sweat the whole time! but thats ok!
mute math
i have seen mute math a handful of times and they never get old. love their energy!

local natives, muse, the xx, grizzly bear, them crooked vultures, MGMT and many more were so awesome i just didn't have time to post every band that i saw...
keep checking back for STYLE POST on coachella