FIX YO MOP /// Festival Ready


Allie loves going to  music festivals with her husband, especially if they get to camp out. We decided to show you how to step up your festival game by showing you a couple of ways to wear your mop. These styles will last throughout the festival and work perfectly with clean or dirty hair.

To achieve this festival season hair all you need is ///
Moroccan Oil Hairspray
Large tooth texture comb
Bobby Pins

Start with the Anti Gravity and spray evenly, holding it 8-10 inches away.
Rough dry hair.
Spray HairResort all over ends.
Curl stick hair.
Start teasing the hair all over with the large tooth comb.
Part hair down the middle and smooth out hair on the top of the head.
Hairspray while your smoothing top.
Start deciding where you want to pin your bobby's and secure hair.

*Last photo is an extra step, take teased ends and wrap a piece of hair around the bunch and hairspray to secure it. bobby pin that if you want that extra security.

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