dave pacho


another friend, another cool apt.
i love it when a guy has great style all around.
dave pacho is one of those guys.
check it out.
i am in love with this chair.

comfy bed. stool. plant to talk to. protected tee shirts. amazing view.

man things. cologne. acme brick. stop watch. shoe horn.

this is his view from his bedroom balcony.

man things. cologne. acme brick. stop watch. shoe horn.

see what i mean. dave got this flag in austin. it only has 48 stars.

this is his living room, he actually has a decent size kitchen too.
more than decent size. great window! geez

and New York if you are starving just look for this guy bc his roomate has tons of frozen soup.
and other food saved all the way from 2004.
if you missed out on rannies new york apt click here.

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was the day jacob and i said "i do".
we started dating june 2005 and got married feb. 22, 2008.
 one of the best days of our lives, we get so emotional looking back bc everyone spoiled us during this most precious time.
our families and friends made sure this was a magical day.
here are some fun moments on our wedding day..
if you click on photo they will enlarge.
we wore toms to our wedding.
he wiped my tears and some of my make up off (on purpose)

we wanted to see eachother before the ceremony. so we did.
we took all our photos before the actual wedding.

i had 10 bridesmaids. each and everyone are dear to me and have made a huge impact on my life.

jacob had 9 groomsmen. we love them all and 2 are responsible for us getting married.  1 groomsman didn't show up. true story.

finnegan played before and during the ceremony.
taylor( my cousin/bff) and sara sang "Jamocha"
a special song taylor and i wrote taken from my vows.
they just recorded it so that i could give it to jacob today.
my cousin might get mad bc he isn't finished with the song yet.
my beautiful sister kelly was my maid of honor
and jacobs best friend travis nunn was the best man.
i walked down while finnegan played "is this love" by bob marley.
do you know the dialog from THE PRINCESS BRIDE wedding scene? thats how the ceremony began.
this is also why we were cracking up. 2 of our friends married us.
our bridal party gathered around to pray and bless our marriage.
while jacob's dad sang THIS SONG by dave barnes.
tear jerking.
 when they said i now pronounce you husband and wife
THIS SONG came on.
our first dance as husband and wife. our first dance song was called  "let us" that our lovely friend sara van buskirk wrote for us. you should check her out! her new cd is now finished!
my dad and i danced to "take on me" by aha.
it's been our song since i was little girl.
my dad flew my good friend Dave Pacho (kid indie) in from New York to DJ at our wedding.
and dave did it as a wedding present to us. i couldn't believe that!
Dave is the best! everyone danced all night! no slow songs! yay!!!

my mom made me get a "real wedding cake" (see in the back). im glad she did bc it was amazing! 3 different flavors. for the grooms cake we wanted ding dongs. i saw this in a ready made magazine and fell in love. jacobs mom made it happen.
for our guest book, my cousin gina took polaroids of our guests and stuck them in a plain black scrap book.
we also had fabric squares that the guests wrote messages on ( for a quilt)

the guys took jacob away from the reception and said they wanted to pray with him...LIES!!! they took off his pants and attacked him with permanent markers. obscene things. it was hillarious bc those obscene drawings ended up on the hotel sheets. looked like stamps all over the white sheets.

i didn't want to leave yet bc i was having so much fun dancing!
we even had that TV MOMENT where all the guys were on one side and the girls were on the other...then two would dance down in the middle. it was our FOOTLOOSE moment.
and another reason i didn't want to leave was bc i was nervous.
super personal but ill share.
when jacob and i started dating we agreed that we wouldn't have sex with one another until we were married.
and we kept that promise. super big deal. we were very proud of ourselves.

if you want to see more photos of our wedding day 

the next day our friends threw us a pool party (sat)
then on sunday we left to hawaii for 2 weeks!


i did a lot of DIY for my wedding, my dad didnt want me to bc he wanted it perfect but i talked him into letting me so that it was more us and just  personalized.
so feel free to ask me anything!