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DIY: An American Tote

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The Inspiration
With Summer mid-way and coming to an end, I feel like i'm holding on to every second I have left. I just love the summer time vibes. Even though the weather dosen't change much between Summer and Winter for us Houstonians, the clothes, tunes, and attitudes do.

I've been experimenting with simple printing techniques and made this bag the other night. With travel and 'MERICA heavily on my mind, everything became variations of red white and blue. I thought this variation was fun, quick and simple enough that I should share it with you. It's nothing ground braking... Just something to hopefully get the wheels turning for you. Maybe it'll spark a rad variation...



DIY An America Tote

Stars in my eyes








Life has gotten a lot more fun lately. Summer is approaching, which means pool days, beach time and weekend trips to the Lake. Kelly and Nora recently moved on my street (6 houses down) which allows us to all have our morning coffee together. This was one of those mornings with Nora and on our morning walk she decided to snap some photos of us. When I showed our buddy Micah Bickham the shots during his haircut he went ahead and treated them for us. Gotta love our friends!

Kelly wore:
shades - Tumbleweeds
dress - Francescas Collections
shoes - Free People
neck - Chrisrann + Bueno Bueno
wrist - stacked Bueno Bueno friendship bracelets + Fossil
fingers - stacked Bueno Bueno ring + Bear ring (gift from Amanda Shires)

Brandi wore: 
shades- o'neil
top- 3 days of peace and music
skirt- forever 21
shoes- vans
fringe purse- francesscas
on my neck- bueno bueno key necklace with rabbit foot
on my fingers- wedding band, chrisrann rings, bueno bueno i.d. ring
on my wrist- chrisrann, friendship bracelet, i love boobies (keep a breast)

on the hunt for..



if you found this where you live. what would the price tag say?
Happy to be an American:) on the way home we saw this place and i was like we have to take pictures
"Jacob turn around!" hahaha
i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america..
"American woman stay away from me!!" hahaa that song is in my head.

such a graceful lady.
look we both wore chucks! perfect!
i want her pants. aren't they the coolest riding pants you've seen this season?
jess put some of these on her blog already but she said it'd be ok if i posted some too:)
oh i think he is just the cutest! i love when he gets excited when he finds something he likes. my friend natalie calls him man child because he is still such a boy/child at heart.

all of these photo's make me happy. every tuesday i wake up super early and me and jess (vintage virgin)
go thrifting together. every time is a new adventure....seriously. the last tuesday we went jacob wanted to go so he came and had a blast duh! anyway i haven't gone in 3 weeks now because of being sick but i am better now! so this tuesday it is on!

 on the hunt for:
-a loveseat or couch for salon. i have a specific look i want. yes still looking.
-old levi bell bottoms (my mom chunked the best pair ever when i was in high school. (she didn't like me wearing rags)
-more vintage dryers (for my shelf)

it's hard to just stick with what i am looking for on my list because i go nuts and want everything the second i step in! oh i am just like my grandma in that department. what about you? do you stick with your list? or do you go without a list and just go crazy.... like me!? do you have a specific day to thrift?

have a wonderful weekend friends! kelly will be posting a DIY this weekend:) and i am off to the salon now!