on the hunt for..



if you found this where you live. what would the price tag say?
Happy to be an American:) on the way home we saw this place and i was like we have to take pictures
"Jacob turn around!" hahaha
i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america..
"American woman stay away from me!!" hahaa that song is in my head.

such a graceful lady.
look we both wore chucks! perfect!
i want her pants. aren't they the coolest riding pants you've seen this season?
jess put some of these on her blog already but she said it'd be ok if i posted some too:)
oh i think he is just the cutest! i love when he gets excited when he finds something he likes. my friend natalie calls him man child because he is still such a boy/child at heart.

all of these photo's make me happy. every tuesday i wake up super early and me and jess (vintage virgin)
go thrifting together. every time is a new adventure....seriously. the last tuesday we went jacob wanted to go so he came and had a blast duh! anyway i haven't gone in 3 weeks now because of being sick but i am better now! so this tuesday it is on!

 on the hunt for:
-a loveseat or couch for salon. i have a specific look i want. yes still looking.
-old levi bell bottoms (my mom chunked the best pair ever when i was in high school. (she didn't like me wearing rags)
-more vintage dryers (for my shelf)

it's hard to just stick with what i am looking for on my list because i go nuts and want everything the second i step in! oh i am just like my grandma in that department. what about you? do you stick with your list? or do you go without a list and just go crazy.... like me!? do you have a specific day to thrift?

have a wonderful weekend friends! kelly will be posting a DIY this weekend:) and i am off to the salon now!