Feature Friday: Carla Taylor of Lola and George

Lola and George is a line of handmade, one of a kind accessories/art and Carla is the beautiful genius behind the creations. She was one of our first sponsors and friend after starting Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno and when she first sent us rings, I didn't know just how beautiful they would be. I wasn't sure if they would be too glam for me or what, but the second I opened the box, I knew there would be few days spent with a solo ring finger. I have been stopped by guys and girls because of the Night Crawler Ring. I love wearing it because it goes with everything, it's one of a kind, it's fantastic, and it makes me feel good to know that I'm wearing something special that's nice without being over the top.

Ten Facts about Lola and George/Carla Taylor:

CT: I've been sculpting wire since I was little. In high school I used to make sculptures everyday, and give them to friends. I still talk to high school friends who have kept their pieces!  
MB: That's awesome! I wish I had a useful skill as a child, I always made weird things that know one wanted like toilet paper bouquets (2nd grade)...seriously.

CT: My jewelry making came out of necessity. We lived in Austin, Texas for a few years and we were BROKE. I started making jewelry out of brass in an effort to dress up my rerun outfits. People would stop me all of the time. I ended up selling my rings and deconstructed vintage pieces to strangers, in art galleries, and to friends.
MB: How long did you stick around it Austin? It seems like people always produce the best things when the pressure is on, like being broke and needing money. I know that feeling a little to well; got any advice? haha. 
CT: I lived in Austin for 2 1/2 years. I think that the best thing an artist can do is.. start with nothing to lose. Then, you feel totally fearless of expectation. 

CT: I now work with fine metals, which was a terrifying transition. If I screw up, I have to break my designs up into scrap piles for reworking.
MB: That is terrifying. I don't think I could handle that kind of pressure.

CT: The hardest challenge I face as a business owner/artist is not taking things personally, because art is very personal.
MB: I think that is a top challenge for all creative people. You really have to kill the ego and stay open minded to constructive criticism. 

CT: I love irony.
MB: We love you.

6 & 7
CT: Ideas come to me in the middle of the night in a flash. I keep a notebook at the foot of my bed so I can bolt out of bed. Most of my designs, paintings and videos came to me during a twilight state.
CT: I watch quantum physics videos while I make jewelry. It makes me think of the big picture. It also helps me focus on positivity and good intent.
MB: 6 and 7 show in your jewelry! We both LOVE your work and it's fun knowing a little background information to know what heavily influences your work. Where can we find your paintings and videos? I'm curious to see if they reflect the same theme. 
CT: I don't sell my paintings yet...I think it won't be interesting until I'm dead;) Gruesome, I know.

CT: If I could do be anything in the world, I would be a dancer...or a stand-up comedian. I'm pretty fearless with both, even though I've never stood in front of an audience.
MB: Heck yes! I would like to meet you in person a lot more now and challenge you to a silly dance off. What kind of dance are you most interested in? 
CT: I LOVE dance offs! I'm strictly an African tribal dancer. Strictly. 
MB: hmm, our dance off will have variety then. I have only taken one single African tribal dance class in my whole life. I remember being out of breath, constantly moving and having a lot of fun. It was at a ACDF a few years back. I love that you reinforced "strictly."

CT: I'm also a painter, blogger and dabble in film.
MB: Again, where can we find your paintings and film explorations? 

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CT: I participate in acts of complete randomness...and usually it's anonymous. My kids participate.
MB: Like dancing in public with a mask on, or more like donating money?
CT: Chalk graffiti, leaving great books in public places and some that are only amusing to me...let's just say I rearrange things all over Las Vegas. Hehe.
MB: Most kids just get embarassed and don't realize how cool their parents are/were until much later. It's neat, that your kids are into something with you!

Here are a few of our favorite Lola and George accessories...it was difficult to pick so few.

Dandelion Ring

Mussel Ring

Rock Climber Ring
WOWZA! My newest obsession. 
Pretty in Pink Ring

J5 Ring
Ballerina Ring
Veruca Brooch
Flower Loop Earrings
The Nightcrawler Ring

Me and Brandi both fell in love with this one a few months back and I know I get asked all the time where it's from. You just wouldn't understand until you've seen it in 3D. click here to it on Brandi's finger. she blogged it

Thorn Ring

This is our other (ultimate) favorite ring of Carla's at Lola & George. I can't wait to have this beauty on my finger!

Have you heard of Carla Taylor and Lola and George before?
Do you have anything hers?
Do you wish you had something of hers?

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