A collection from Rutherford, TN

Happy Sunday!

Last weekend, I traveled with the Gigantobot Production crew from Murfreesboro, TN (south of Nashville) to Rutherford TN (North of Jackson).  We were shooting a music video in this old building and while no one was looking I was sneaking off taking photos. This place made my mouth water. 

I even fell in love with the old paint can labels

Do we have any pinball fans out there?

Any Tron geeks out there?

MS. PAC-MAN! I actually jumped up and down. Wooden stairs, fruity gummies and Pac-Man will always remind me of being super little and at the Lee house. Makes me happy.

As we walked around this tiny town, I snapped photos of signs. There was too much to photograph and not enough time, but I'm no photographer and I don't have a sweet camera AND I was busy thinking about a music video so it didn't eat away at me too much

This building & sign combo is my favorite.