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If you like typefaces and/or personality quizes, you should take the What Type Are You test. It takes maybe five minutes to complete and it's fun to compare with people at work. I took it yesterday while I was still on my lunch break and got Archer Hairline. I think it fits, but that could be because I LOVE thin type and I LOVE Archer. It's a weakness.
Isn't it pretty?
If you like type and would like to know more about Archer click on one below.

Even if you aren't a Type nerd, I still think you should check out the sites. A little variety of knowledge never hurt anyone. You may learn that you've been choosing ugly typefaces all along and this post could be the turning point for you :) 

If you really just don't care, I'll continue to love you, just a little less than before. (joke...well, kind of)

To take the test click on the link below
If you take the test and have time, comment back and tell us which one you are!

One of our friends suggested we look up Fabio Viale after the styrofoam cup post we had up. There was some cool stuff on the sites so we thought we continuing sharing