i spy DIY

every time i go to the beach i come back with driftwood and seashells. i put the driftwood in clear cylinder vases and i make necklaces with the seashells. when i saw this on my jaw dropped. this is an amazing idea! seriously what a fun DIY project. perfect for summer! each piece represents a specia moment and place.

Canadian Artist Ginette Lapalme hand painted those wooden sticks for her Threadless t-shirt.

super nerdy fun stuff

If you like typefaces and/or personality quizes, you should take the What Type Are You test. It takes maybe five minutes to complete and it's fun to compare with people at work. I took it yesterday while I was still on my lunch break and got Archer Hairline. I think it fits, but that could be because I LOVE thin type and I LOVE Archer. It's a weakness.
Isn't it pretty?
If you like type and would like to know more about Archer click on one below.

Even if you aren't a Type nerd, I still think you should check out the sites. A little variety of knowledge never hurt anyone. You may learn that you've been choosing ugly typefaces all along and this post could be the turning point for you :) 

If you really just don't care, I'll continue to love you, just a little less than before. (joke...well, kind of)

To take the test click on the link below
If you take the test and have time, comment back and tell us which one you are!

One of our friends suggested we look up Fabio Viale after the styrofoam cup post we had up. There was some cool stuff on the sites so we thought we continuing sharing


INSPIRATION: styrofoam + coffee + art =

Our favorite coffee spot in houston is called brasil. It's at the corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy and has a great atmosphere, food, and specialty beers, wine and COFFEE! Please don't ask for a bud light because you will just get the stink eye... I lived in the house directly behind brasil for 3 and half years, so I spent a lot of mornings, days, and evenings hanging out there. One thing that I enjoyed looking at while I was waiting in line was the styrofoam cups they displayed on a shelf next to checkout. They weren't just any cups, they had drawings of each employee on them. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! As soon as I saw a new face working, I would immediately look over to the cups to see if they had a new cup portrait.

Recently, I was flipping through the Feb/March issue of foam magazine and I saw CUP O' DOODLES (page 22). The guy in the article, Cheeming Boey, draws his designs on polystyrene foam cups.
  • to buy his cups click here. 
  • to look at his website click here.
  • to read his totally fun journal here. 

I totally freaking love this! I wish I had the money right now to buy one of these! I would make a shelf just for his cups :)

styrofoam plate

I was feeling a little inspired, and didn't have a cup, so I used a styrofoam plate. Have you ever drawn on  styrofoam before? I must say I loved it, especially when you are bored and have to wait... I love the way the pen pushes in and glides so smoothly. Anyway, if you know of any unusual art, send us a link! We would love to check it out.