huntington beach

inside out day in HUNTINGTON BEACH

so do you remember inside out day? did y'all have inside out day at school? it was one of my favorite days. i still wear my shirts inside out sometimes bc the tag itches, or just because.

well the other day in HB we were waiting on a friend so i put on a wetsuit and went skating so i could get all sweaty.
well beacuse the water is freezing. in texas you don't need a wetsuit in the summer. we were kind of freaking out about getting in the if we were all hot and sweaty the cold water would feel good. right?

inside out.






i didn't even realize i had put it on inside out. HA! my friend came in and was like "what the!" 
i think it looks better this way don't you?


oh and highlight of my weekend. i met kassi and dan in person this weekend! read about our little meet up here.  i love them mucho mucho. and i knew we would all get along perfect! people ask me if it was awkward and the answer is nope! not at all! blog friends become real life friends!!! next weekend danielle and lauren fly in and we are all staying with kassi and dan! im so excited bc we are all meeting for the first time "in person"!

***DO NOT MEET SOMEONE YOU HAVE MET ONLINE ALONE OR AT A PRIVATE PLACE.*** (just watch law and order or the news if you don't believe me.)

i ONLY met dan and kassi (at detroit bar) bc i already knew them from ichat, skype, blogging, mail, and i met kassi's sister keely at my salon in texas. so i knew they were who they said they were.

if you think it's weird or dangerous i respect that. i think its awesome if you do it the smart way! i have tons of friends who have met online...even who are getting married now (myspace)

Q. have y'all ever met anyone over the internet and became real friends? its like the new pen pal!