newport beach

CALIFORNIA: where i stayed

listen to this song while reading. you won't be dissapointed. its one of my favorite california songs.
california by joni mitchell

i am going to divide up my california pics because well...i was there a month.
i will just start off with where i stayed majority of my trip. 
at danielle's house( newport beach). jacob calls her danielle 6 names.
danielle and i have known each other for like 6+ years now, we were even room mates when she lived in houston. not a good idea to live with your friends. after she moved out we ended up not talking for months until she needed me to "FIX" her hair. she called me crying/freakin because she tried going somewhere else and we know how that story goes...i fixed her hair and we were sista's again! i'm glad i have some kind of skill, or else who knows if she would of called me. ha ha. jk

isn't this cutest little california home? you can't see it from the road bc it's hidden.
this little dude woke me up every morning by tapping on the window, but thats ok bc i feel like he woke me up to watch 2 episodes of saved by the bell and 2 episodes of fresh prince. those shows never get old!
the top 2 shelves are all of dani's amazing shoes. she was kind enough to let me hang all my clothes on the shelf so i wouldn't have to dig through my luggage everyday:)
i din't even wear everything i brought because i kept shopping at pretty in pink boutique!
i had to buy another bag just to bring home my new clothes:) 
no matter how organized i try to be on vacation there is always a pile of my junk laying around like so...
poor danielle, now she knows what jacob goes through on a day to day basis. i'm kind of messy.
i had a suitcase just for my shoes, it's so hard packing because i never know what i will want to wear:(
do y'all have that problem?  i ended up wanting some of the shoes i had at home:( too bad how sad.
i also had random train cases filled with my hair products sprawled out everywhere. again, im sorry dani!
this is her super cool jewelry station, don't you just love that photo of her grandparents? dreamy.
this is me inside her california cabin. i love the diagonal ceilings and all the natural light coming in.
this is me looking super fly in my new heart shades, right outside of dani's room. just open the sliding glass door and you have this cute lil sunshiney walkway:) oh and i was kidding about me looking super fly:)
these are all over danielles walkway, you cant see in them in the "super fly photo" bc they are all above me. isn't that gorgeous? these are my favorite. how can you not wake up in a good mood when you walk out and see this? 
***this flower wil probably be my next tattoo.

i'm glad we had this time together just us girls, thank you so much for everything! i had a blast!

Do you like staying with your friends or are you a hotel person when on vacation?

to be continued....

bikes, beach, and besties...did i just say besties?

so this is what i have been up to the past couple of days:
loving my fossil luggage from my sister kelly. xo
tuesday went to pannikin with kylle and jacob. (haley was at work)

(wednesday) had to drop off my cutie at 5 am to john wayne airport. bc he was riding standby, the flights were not guaranteed so...i had to pick him up at noon and take him to LAX. he finally made it home later that night. i love him so much! he was such a good sport about it and made the most out of his time by drinking bloody mary's and reading a boerne book. maybe it was his new haircut that put him in a good mood or maybe he was just still beaming from getting to spend time with our friends in encinitas.
as soon as i dropped him off, i dashed back to john wayne airport to pick up liza!i made it on time too! whew:) yay! CARTWHEEL!
while jacob was suffering drinking bloody mary's, i was shopping at pretty in pink boutique.
i love my new shirt so much i wore it yesterday and today:) i did shower!
mandie(my best friend from 9th grade) met up with us at P.I.P. around noon.
we rode bikes in newport, ate at sharkeez and even had a day time dance party. video coming soon:)
dani had to work though:(
 oh well.... tonight we will have another dance party with her:)
i love california.

these are the photos from my phone. i will post better ones eventually:)
just wanted to give my friends and family a lil preview so they don't miss me too much...
or maybe just to make my sister kelly a lil jealous. jk jk jk!

im so thankful i have so many friends spread out here bc they are making this california vacation amazing!