bikes, beach, and besties...did i just say besties?

so this is what i have been up to the past couple of days:
loving my fossil luggage from my sister kelly. xo
tuesday went to pannikin with kylle and jacob. (haley was at work)

(wednesday) had to drop off my cutie at 5 am to john wayne airport. bc he was riding standby, the flights were not guaranteed so...i had to pick him up at noon and take him to LAX. he finally made it home later that night. i love him so much! he was such a good sport about it and made the most out of his time by drinking bloody mary's and reading a boerne book. maybe it was his new haircut that put him in a good mood or maybe he was just still beaming from getting to spend time with our friends in encinitas.
as soon as i dropped him off, i dashed back to john wayne airport to pick up liza!i made it on time too! whew:) yay! CARTWHEEL!
while jacob was suffering drinking bloody mary's, i was shopping at pretty in pink boutique.
i love my new shirt so much i wore it yesterday and today:) i did shower!
mandie(my best friend from 9th grade) met up with us at P.I.P. around noon.
we rode bikes in newport, ate at sharkeez and even had a day time dance party. video coming soon:)
dani had to work though:(
 oh well.... tonight we will have another dance party with her:)
i love california.

these are the photos from my phone. i will post better ones eventually:)
just wanted to give my friends and family a lil preview so they don't miss me too much...
or maybe just to make my sister kelly a lil jealous. jk jk jk!

im so thankful i have so many friends spread out here bc they are making this california vacation amazing!

so far today...

woke up. exchanged cards over coffee, played him "jamocha" bc he hasnt heard it since our wedding, he made me breakfast and i was out the door.

1. i went to a brazillian keratin treatment (hair) class. education is always a must in this industry! so fun!
2. jacob and i went to lunch with our friends yvette and grace at bayou city seafood.
3. then we made a trip to anthropologie to look for a bedspread...another traditional 2 yr gift. (failed)
4. then we drove to amy's ice cream for a treat and to take our 2 year anniversary photo booth shot.
5. then we split up to run bank, shop for products, and post office... i went overboard with the product shopping (for my salon)
6. now we are checking on grammy...she had eye surgery and looks like she has red eyeshadow the rest of our fun will be here at home so we can take care of her.

7. after this post we are going to create something together. we want to camp out in the backyard but it might snow! so if that happens we will build a tent over our bed. then we will feel like we are on vacation:)

oh and jacob said since today is special that he will watch the bachlor with me. HAHA!
he never does! he just makes comments from the other room (but knows their names???)
i made this lil collage for our wall. i tore out a magazine page with ryan tatars photos and attached it to a canvas with spray adhesive. then used a sharpie for the #2 and taped our polaroid to it. still havent decided where to put the photobooth ones.

 we always take a polaroid and photo booth pic on anniversaries/valentines day.
polaroid photo: we both wore our presents "cotton shirts" its the traditional gift for 2 years.
photobooth: we def were not ready in the first photo. i look like a scary manson follower! oh well i like these anyway.

these are some of my little gifts.
plaid shirt in polaroid- prospects
stockings- anthropologie
#2 jar- anthropologie (he says its for all my bobby pins)
they are scattered everywhere!
real leaf dipped in 24 carat gold- prospects
hand made card. he used to buy me cards all the time until i aksed him to start making them.
they make me laugh and melt at the same time.
his hearts!
im excited for wednesday nights front row tickets! thank God my clients let me re-schedule their appointments.
thank you for all the kind words and love on our wedding post! 
it was fun sharing that with yall.
we love looking back on all the photos and watching our i need some cake!
have a great night everyone!!

1. do you celebrate anniversaries? 
2. what do you like to do on special occassions? 
3. what would be your dream date?


our engagement shots by bohemian photography.

this is what i call the cheesy shot.
this was a high wall and i was freaking out here.
it was a cold cold day outside.
i love these. they make me laugh. see jacob is cold.
"the loving shot"
"the sweet shot"
ok I'll cover them in one pic. warm up. gee
"funny shot"
im very strong. "the playful shot"
"the ridiculous shot"
this makes sense to those who know us.
 click on photos to enlarge.

our engagement shots were done by our friend jack from bohemian photography and it was a lot of fun. he took a bazillion photos, so it was hard to pick which ones to share.
advice: i think it's super important to meet your photographer before and have a consultation. this way you can decide if you can be comfortable around them, they can get to know you and your style, and you find out how much its gonna cost.
it is very hard for me to be serious so this is why we took the natural /playful/fun route. if i make a serious face i look like im going to kill you. not cute. as im sure you saw in 2-3 of the above photos. hey! i tried.

the paint shots were the most fun! in every relationship you start with a blank canvas (white jump suits) then throughout your journey you share a lot about eachother, get to know the other person and you see your partners true colors.(paint) then over time you decide if you like the way that canvas is looking and you decide if you want to spend your life with this person.

in the skating shots jacob almost took out an entire group of guys during a real BOOT CAMP. it was hillarious! ill try and find the pictures.

i have a few other shoots i am going to share with you for this whole wedding series. i am just waiting on a couple of things so keep checking back. im so excited to share the other photo shoots bc they are amazing and the couples are so adorable!

feel free to ask any questions..
 did you have an engagement photo sesh? how did it go? send me a link:)
are you or did you have trouble with anything during your hunt for a good photographer?
what kind of shoot do you envision for yourself?