our engagement shots by bohemian photography.

this is what i call the cheesy shot.
this was a high wall and i was freaking out here.
it was a cold cold day outside.
i love these. they make me laugh. see jacob is cold.
"the loving shot"
"the sweet shot"
ok I'll cover them in one pic. warm up. gee
"funny shot"
im very strong. "the playful shot"
"the ridiculous shot"
this makes sense to those who know us.
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our engagement shots were done by our friend jack from bohemian photography and it was a lot of fun. he took a bazillion photos, so it was hard to pick which ones to share.
advice: i think it's super important to meet your photographer before and have a consultation. this way you can decide if you can be comfortable around them, they can get to know you and your style, and you find out how much its gonna cost.
it is very hard for me to be serious so this is why we took the natural /playful/fun route. if i make a serious face i look like im going to kill you. not cute. as im sure you saw in 2-3 of the above photos. hey! i tried.

the paint shots were the most fun! in every relationship you start with a blank canvas (white jump suits) then throughout your journey you share a lot about eachother, get to know the other person and you see your partners true colors.(paint) then over time you decide if you like the way that canvas is looking and you decide if you want to spend your life with this person.

in the skating shots jacob almost took out an entire group of guys during a real BOOT CAMP. it was hillarious! ill try and find the pictures.

i have a few other shoots i am going to share with you for this whole wedding series. i am just waiting on a couple of things so keep checking back. im so excited to share the other photo shoots bc they are amazing and the couples are so adorable!

feel free to ask any questions..
 did you have an engagement photo sesh? how did it go? send me a link:)
are you or did you have trouble with anything during your hunt for a good photographer?
what kind of shoot do you envision for yourself?