what i wore and what i did on wacky wednesday!

started with bootcamp. then coffe and breakfast with jacob.
it was an ugly ugly day so i had to dress warm.
umbrella: h&m 4.99
navy hoody dress: american apparrel ( i have in hunter green as well)
shark and feather necklace: bueno bueno
stripe leggings: target 
grey thigh high socks: target
striped rainboots: urban outfitters.
still wasn't warm enough so i added my vest.
i used to wear this snowboarding a lot.
vest: vintage. thrifted. 2. 99
got 8 x 10 prints made for our etsy shop!
now available
kellys currently working on screen printed posters.
more accessories and shirts coming soon:)
 the lovely marisa cherie helped make our twitter buttons links!
thanks so mucho! xo
 sent these packages off.
went to work. chopped some mops.
went to notsuoh for the lazlo and one wolf show.
daniel (one wolf) : does anyone here know kelly garcia
me: yeah she's my sister!!
daniel: awesome...(goes into song.)
me: i love track number 4!! what is it called?
daniel: brighter than the sun (i think)

after the show we all went to my cousin taylors house (lazlo singer)
and ate some home cooking and got silly.
rachel ate it and fell on her tail bone (thanks to heels)
so they boys made her an ice pack.
thats her brothers arm with the lighter! oh mark!

 this is me not wanting to leave. jacob is trying to pick me up and take me to the car.
can you see me?
i am such a little brat. i mean how old am i? 
we spent the night at our friend uppy's house and one wolf  slept over at taylors.

yay for new friends!
im embarrassed to say that
i woke up at 7 pm thursday night.
im also so sad bc i missed my 1 pm knit time with gma and norma:(