feather madness

Remember...not too long ago I went on a road trip to NYC to see some friends and I had just made a feather headband. On the way up Corey told me that he really wanted me to make them for his band Mean Little Blanket
(check them out by clicking on their name. They are releasing their CD next week and I wish I was going to be there for the big show. the last one I went to, I had a blast dancing and laughing)

This beauty was originally mine (made for the Coconut Records video contest)
I do miss it, but Corey wouldn't take it off his head. The kid has been doing that since the sixth grade.

The new headbands I made with twine and they are not my favorite, but I didn't have many options after running out of leather. 

The yellow blob is a patch of flowers...all the boys wanted theirs to have flowers too hahahaha.

I think they liked them because they wore them while rehearsing and around the house. 

This weekend I am buying leather and making some more...I think it's almost time for a giveaway. I'll have to add a few other things to the package. Keep checking back if you want one along with some other goodies.