bueno bueno feather headbands

Etsy Shop update!

NEW items available now on Etsy. At work today, I had my beautiful lady friends try on the Bueno Bueno accessories and strike a pose for the camera. (This was done during a 10 minute break with a dying camera; It was NOT a planned photoshoot shoot or anything). On my way out the door I realized I needed some help demonstrating how the accessories can be worn so around 10 am I told my cute friends I needed help and they were glad to help. Thank God they aren't weird about being photographed last minute.

Bueno Bueno Headband

bueno bueno headband

Bueno Bueno Headbands

Bueno Bueno Headband

Bueno Bueno Headband

Bueno Bueno Headwrap

Bueno Bueno Headwrap

Bueno Bueno Feather Dangle

Bueno Bueno Wristband

Bueno Bueno Wrist/Arm Wrap

Bueno Bueno Arm/Wristband

Now I'm on a hunt to find some gents that will model some Bueno Bueno gear for me and I need a real photography session. Hopefully this works for now :)
(I'm also working on all black feather accessories as well)

If you like what you see, visit the Bueno Bueno Etsy Shop!

What do you think?


photoshoot at sunchild salon.

more photo's from last weekends photoshoot, i can't wait to see all of them!

i love when i get to do whatever i want with someones hair! lindsay was cool with the big hair, messy braid, beach waves, and feathers incorporated with it all! and seriously everything i brought for her to wear fit perfectly! everything she is wearing: thrifted. except for the head of feathers...bueno bueno made.
this was all the outside we could get, it was freezing, rainy, and windy. but that couldn't get us down.
i think the ones on the couch like this are my favorite!
all jewelry and clothing : bueno bueno vintage.
head piece: bueno bueno made

location: sunchild salon
follow me on twitter @sunchildsalon
rainy days make for good shots too. im loving the raindrops on the windows.
boots: vintage
vest: vintage
denim shorts: a & f (almost vintage)
swimsuit top: american apparel
jewelry: vintage
beautiful cutie model: lindsay slott 
where have you seen her: americas best dance crew
make up and photography by johnny rendon
johnny recently quit working at nylon magazine and is working on his website so ill let you know when that is up and running:)

im posting this video bc this song seems perfect for this shoot.
1. i love joan jett
2. i love rock and roll and this song makes me go crazy
3. i can't wait to see runways! what about you? are you going to watch it? have you already?

so what are your weekend plans?
today i'm helping my friend fix and decorate her new room (for waxing and facials)
i have another wedding tomorrow:)
my friend jace is coming in to town
and more gardening with jacob.

what I've been doing

I'm still working on my room even though I may be moving out of the trailer soon(ish). I'm having a lot of fun without all the pressure of "serious" decorating. Basically, I'm just experimenting/playing around because anything flies in a trailer :) 

My newest addition was simple

and I love it. I'm super tempted to add lettering to the yellow fabric, but I think it'll just be too dang busy with all the colors and cranes. What do you think? Do I leave it simple or add lettering? I guess I'll give it a week. I need to add more of something.

I have also been working on CD packaging, blog layout and more things to put up in etsy.

Since I only have one bedroom in the trailer that is mine, the bed doubles as my work station. I just add a sheet and a piece of glass and ta-da, my janky work station :) It is truly amazing how you can make anything work for you.

I love these and wish I could keep them, but I must send them on their way. Check back this weekend to see the finished product 

I am almost always tired because I wake up, go to work, get home, and work again. I love it. Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the things you want to create? Sleep definitely went out the window years ago. 

muchos besos